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  • shayne

    the commentators should sound like in real life on fifa14 and put proper reffs into fifa14

  • shayne

    The commentators should sound like in real life on fifa 14, it doesn’t sound like martin tyler and alan smith.. and clive tylesdley.. make the commentators sound like in real life please before fifa14 comes out 27september

  • Mike

    Curious what happened to Tom Mills, Dave Bryant, and Toby Ross – they seem to have vanished lately. Did i miss an announcement?

  • Brian

    Is there really not going to be anything on this site about the lack of a real ‘Dynamic’ Camera angle in Fifa 14? It’s sued by around 40 % of people who play the game, and they’ve completely removed it with no talks of adding a patch. The game is now ruined for a LARGE number of fifa players, and I am one of them.

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  • phillip

    Don’t know if you guys ever read this but was listening to the latest podcast today.

    Would love to play you guys in a some friendlies. I’m USA east coast but if you are available and we can set something up I’d really like to see how you guys play and see where I’m at — was thinking about giving the whole day to steamrolling towards division 1

    Anyways, ill checkback daily

    Look forward to a couple games!!


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