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A Few More UEFA Euro 2012 Screens

We brought you the first official look at UEFA Euro 2012 last week but there are a few more screenshots doing the rounds featuring Spain and Italy but also Holland and Mr Robin Van Persie.

Don’t forget the Euro 2012 Debut Trailer was released yesterday and you can find all the details on the DLC’s content in our announcement post. As always click the images below to see the larger versions.

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  • Casartelli

    Dutch faces look terrible :(

  • Stary Podluch

    no day or dusk ?

  • theirfan38

    …Pirlo as tall as Chiellini???
    isn’t there here any problem with bodies???

  • Jay

    Are they serious with that picture of Spain’s trophy celebration? It dosen’t even look like Casillas is holding the trophy, looks like it’s floating between his hands.

    Sorry, just makes it look quite clunky and lazy rather than authentic.

  • jon

    The players bodies look awkward. The picture where Casillas is holding the trophy, Xabi Alonso looks weird. It’s probably the limb length that ea needs to fix for FIFA 13

  • anthonyOA

    ^^ Fifa has always had weird shoulders and arms for the players. I’m just used to it now. The “other game” really stands out in this regard. The shoulders, arms and movement would make shots look more authentic imo.

    Looks decent hough. Germany will reach the final in real life though.

  • ross kemp

    Just looks like fifa 12,

    oh wait…..

  • Mike Astuto

    You guys have ANY FIFA13 news coming? EA keeping tight wraps on things this year? I really think the build up to an annual FIFA release is one of my favorite times of the year.

  • David Bryant

    Nothing with “13″ in it I’m afraid. In the same way EA didn’t talk about Euro 2012 before FIFA Street had launched, I wouldn’t expect anything public until Euro 2012 is out and it’s sales have started to tail off.

    Although I’m sure the devs want to be able to talk about it, marketing and PR dictates sadly.

    But I agree Mike, the build up to a new FIFA is great fun, love it.

  • dibils

    this is awful, hope people who criticized full price releases of these games is happy… cause this is pathetic and i wont even think about buying it, knowing more i want it less. i so wish we had a proper euro 2012 game :(

  • CP

    So you’d rather pay 40-50 euros for a stand alone game, and adds what ? A few insignificant minor gameplay tweaks here and there, when in a few months they’ll release fifa 13 ? I can’t understand the ones who call this a “rip off” and who’re willing to pay 50 euros just for a few minor tweaks.

    Yeah, what a “great deal”.

    If it manages to recreate the atmosphere of Euro 2012, with commentary, presentation, chants, celebration, I’ll buy it. Especially online will be great fun for a few more months until fifa 13 or PES 2013 will be out.

  • theirfan38

    Dibils, did you think about the human ressources mate???
    I mean maybe Mister Humber (who has always been in charge of euro and world cup games) cannot make a proper euro game cause they have too much charges!!Too much work!!
    Am I the only one here to figure out that making 4 games in a year is a huge work task/work effort!!
    Just look at GT5…It took 3 years (or even more)!!!!!! and still the game receives patchs!!
    I do not want to protect EA, but on the other hand…they just maybe cannot do, even if they want…And if you think Euro game is scandalous! do not buy it!!
    I realy prefer EA works 100% instead of working on fifa13 60%!! and we get a good/decent euro2012 game, and a realy half-finished fifa13…

  • CP

    Totally agree with you theirfan38. Better this way, who wants to play euro 2012 is going to buy it, and the ones who doesn’t, won’t buy it.

    I hope fifa 13 will bring more changes, both gameplay atmosphere and graphics, or else I’m going to buy PES 2013. They said it will run on a new engine. :)

  • theirfan38

    CP, no it won’t run on new engine, the new engine is for the next-gen…But do not lose hope mate, ’cause I am sure the game will be realy decent this year.

  • CP

    I was referring to PES 2013. Seabass said they are developing a new engine. I don’t know how well it’s going to be made, especially the ball physics, animations, textures, lightning, and ultimately gameplay and AI.

    Fifa 12 is great online(I have hundreds of matches played) but offline it gets repetitive and predictable really quick. And the one thing fifa 13 really needs to improve is the AI to be great offline too.

    I mean, if every team will play differently, at least have a few different styles of play, and if will be less predictable and the difference between teams will be bigger, (i.e Real Madrid to play way better then a 2nd division team not like it’s now), I’ll be more then happy.

    And of course it needs better match presentation, graphics and animations. Sometimes it the players walk like apes. :p

  • theirfan38

    Yeah I know Seabass said that, but lastly Adam said, I think it is him, that pes2013 will not have new engine!!
    yeah completely agree with you, fifa13 needs a real IA, team personnality plus, of course EA cannot make 200 style of play, adapted to each clubs, but for at least 10/15 best clubs in the world they can do something to see the real difference of strategy between a milan AC and Inter, or Real and Barca or Manu and Arsenal…You see what I mean…
    Actually concerning myself, if fifa13′s IA, Strategy is the same than fifa12, I won’t buy the game…and just watch what pes has to deliver.
    I am sure I will find a new emotion, sensation in Konami!! Something I’ve lost in my mind!!Maybe the animations won’t be as good and spectacular (it is actualy the good word) as FIFA’s animations, but the feeling will be different and great I guess. I have a lot of friends restarting to play at PES12…It is a sign for me! Something is happening this year, a wind of change which could be realy dangerous for EA…

  • FIFA_pt

    Looks terrible :(

  • sam smith

    goal keeper holding the trophy looks shit hes hands isnt on the trophy carnt they get it right better celebrations on pes on ps2 years