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Adam Winster Wins EA SPORTS Challenge Series

Wow. The UK’s Adam Winster has won the EA SPORTS Challenge Series in New York City taking home a cool $167,000 in prize money. Not bad for for a few games of FIFA.

Adam and his fellow UK FIFA gamers flew out to New York City earlier this week with expectations high but still, what an achievement for the 4th place FIWC11 Final finisher.

Massive congratulations to Adam and all the other FIFA players from the UK who also pocketed some serious cash during the tournament. Check out Adam’s timeline on Twitter¬†and SweetpatchTV for more reaction.

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  • Phil Winster

    Well done Son
    Especially after being shafted by Apex!

  • Matt

    Tournament was awesome, a lot of fun. It was poorly designed though because the brackets weren’t made ahead of time so there was a lot of waiting around and scrambling. But, I finished top 64 and made some awesome money. If you guys want any more info on it let me know down here. Hopefully VG does this again, because it was truly a once in a life time thing. Although, living in New York was better for me because it cost me nothing to get there. So I can’t speak for the UK guys who flew over and lost early.

  • David Bryant

    @Matt congrats on the top 64 finish :) sounds like a great experience even if things weren’t quite as well oiled as they should have been for such a big tournament. From what I’ve heard “most” of the UK guys won enough to cover the cost of going out there, so I’d assume they’re fairly pleased with that.

  • Matt

    @ David

    Yeah most of the UK guys that I know from playing online with them over the years won a few games and made some good money. Plus, some of the guys that got knocked out first round got to enter their names into a hat to be reentered into the tourney. I knocked out a UK lad first round and he reentered his name and got selected to participate in the next round. Basically, the tourney was good for everyone because most people got at least $800.

  • Dave Almeida

    Congrats Adam on winning, especially coming from the uk that must of been tiring. I was their but lost the 1st round unfortunately
    I wanna face u though my fifa id is Chopkid84. I’ll be on later, come see me i wanna know what it’s like to play the champ lol.

  • Markov

    Congrats to those that won at this tourney. Just wondering if we’ll ever see any manual tourneys. I wouldn’t win as there are far better manual players than me, but I would enjoy taking part in those. There could even be a sort of super cup over two legs between a manual and assisted player were the first leg could be assisted and the second leg manual.

  • David

    Congrats to Adam Winster, for his win and all the other people who got to win other prizes. Would’ve loved to have been there.

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