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Adam is co-owner of the network along with Suffwan, and is the main man when it comes to all things PES. A true passion for football, can be seen on twitter 24/7 talking about football, shisha and games. A profound dislike for boots with stats...

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FIFA 11 TV Ad Details Emerge

EA have just released details on when the first TV advertisement for FIFA 11 will air. You’ll be able to see it in all it’s glory at half time of the huge match between Manchester United –... Read more

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GM Gives FIFA 11 94%!

So much for that exclusive OPM review, hey? CVG have reported that GamesMaster have reviewed FIFA 11 in their latest issue, and given the game a whopping 94%! Huge score indeed. To read a little more... Read more

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OPM Gets Exclusive FIFA 11 Review

Very late in the day, but the latest OPM magazine has revealed they have the exclusive FIFA 11 review, which hits shelves September 30th. A shame we’ll get the first verdict so late, but there’s... Read more

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FIFA 11 Stamina & Fatigue Video

With us now clearly entering the final corner before the sprint to release, EA are releasing many videos to keep us informed and wet our appetite. Today there’s a video on stamina and fatigue, and... Read more

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Be A Goalkeeper Tutorial

EA have just released a Be A Goalkeeper tutorial video, showing you just how the mode works. Check it out here: Thanks to nuurkey07 from the boards for the heads up! ... Read more

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FIFA 11 Gameplay Video Hits!

Thanks to @JjosecaEOL from twitter for the heads up. There’s been video released showing small gameplay footage of FIFA 11! It’s short, but what we see is very impressive, with incredible... Read more

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Latest FIFA 11 Podcast Released

And it’s one that you should not miss! Not usually something we link on a weekly basis, but this week the Official EA FIFA Podcast comes jam packed with whole host of news. From updates on gameplay... Read more