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Be a goalkeeper preview

When it rains it pours, the FIFA community has been calling out for more from EA and today they have truly delivered. IGN have written a lengthy write up with a hands on preview of the “Be a... Read more


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Gamescom is here!

Sound the royal trumpets because Gamescom is finally here! Now you dont want me to flap my gums you just want all the online video goodies. We kick it off with a capture from the Gamescom live... Read more

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We hate FIFA’s dev team

Thats right, you read it right. These are the words from IGN from their hands on preview of FIFA 11. To find out why they now hate FIFA’s dev team click away! IGN aren’t the only lucky ones to... Read more

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Refining The Game

GameTrailers have put together a nice interview with gameplay producer Santiago Jaramillo which includes some gameplay footage in the background. The interview reveals some new features such as... Read more

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PC News Keeps Coming!

EA sports are no joke this year when it comes to the PC version, and here at FSB we are no joke about giving you all the FIFA related news as soon as it breaks. IGN have a first look at the PC... Read more

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Guess who’s back?

Ya boy Aaron Mchardy is back for EA’s latest installment on FIFA 11. This time he speaks on how player behaviour has been refined, particularly in terms of a host of new animations around heading... Read more