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Tom Mills is a senior editor for He is a proud Arsenal fan and dog owner. His likes include beer and hats. He dislikes Robin Van Persie and cheese in all forms.

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ios sale 1

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FIFA 13 iOS – Price Drop

FIFA 13 on iOS is currently on sale for just £2.99, down from £4.99, so now is a really good time to pick it up if you were on the fence (although FIFA 12 iOS did hit 69p around Xmas last year).... Read more

FIFA 13 - Invisiball 24

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FIFA 13 – Invisiball

Geddit? We’ve heard through various channels that since the latest update, people have been suffering with a rather nasty bug, the ball not appearing. It’s apparently appearing in Online Seasons... Read more


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FIFA 13 Patch Detailed

EA are starting to apply some vulcanising rubber to FIFA 13. The first FIFA 13 patch is being rolled out as you read this, although It’s currently only available to PC users. Weighing in at around... Read more

FIFA 13 Bad Press 44

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FIFA 13 – Bad Press

Since launch FIFA 13 has started creaking. FUT has suffered pretty badly with trade issues, I’ve currently got a trade pile of 40 players that have been “completing” for well over an hour... Read more

FUT Fixes 22

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FIFA 13 – FUT Fixes

We posted our bug list yesterday so if you’ve got anything to add to that please do, but a couple of issue have been addressed this morning. The online services for FIFA 13, FUT 13 and EASFC for... Read more