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Back To The FIFA: Career Mode


If you don’t know what this is all about then it’d be a good idea to start reading here first and if you’ve got any comments or ideas for gameplay, then you can add them to the list here.

CM is the bread and butter of offline FIFA, being the mode of choice for those who want to take a lower league¬† team climbing through the tables or step straight into a team with a massive budget and bag trophy after trophy. It’s had a rough ride of late, but the offering in FIFA 12 was solid and definitely heading in the right direction.

So we want to know what you think is still missing. Do you want to be able to micro manage your team with Football Manager levels of detail? Do you want player stories to be fleshed out to include training ground fall outs and tabloid drama? Are text boxes enough or should we be seeing interactive cut scenes when players want to talk to you? Do you want to be able to have your wages paid into an off shore bank account? And what would you want to be able to do with them if you could? Would you want to be more involved in decision making at your club outside of squad selection and transfers?

How about online functionality for Career Mode, what features would you want to see there? Are leader boards enough for gloating or do you want to be able to play with/against your friends and have a direct affect on their title chase or relegation battle?

Once again, think outside the box and let us know what you’re after in the comments.


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  • roobeedoobee

    i love the tactical sliders for width, line height, full backs etc. shouldn’t these be in the custom tactics section though?
    a reserve league where the players gain 50% of the experience they would in the regular league.
    players with low temperament should pull shirts/foul off the ball and run a percentage chance of conceding a foul.

  • careermodemad

    i would like to see some sort of international calender where players would be called up from your sqaud. even as far as being able to manage an international team as well as a club side. friendlies through out the season and a major tournament every 2 years. the fantasy would be bringing a player through your academy and eventualy seeng them represent there country! a welcome addition i think……………

  • Benzinator

    I would love to see trade option.Only being able to pick lower teams, because it gets boring when u know ur going to win the league.

  • AJ

    There needs to be a greater sense of realism in the transfer market; some of the things I’ve seen are just mind-boggling: why would Utd sell Nani? Why would Benzema go back to Lyon? Why would Barcelona buy Modric? I could go on and on…

    Also, Wayne Rooney needs to stop handing in transfer requests. As you can tell, I’m a United fan and I don’t want to sell him, but, in my career mode, the “board” sold him from under me…to Manchester City. Yeah…

    The CPU AI could be better as it gets a little easy once you get into the second or third year.

    The graphics for the crowd are awful.

    Player customization should be added to CM; 15 years and no changes in boots? C’mon…

    Maybe an option to build a new stadium like Madden.

    I don’t know if anyone has been able to get their Youth Squad players to potential, but there seems to be no way of doing that. Players won’t get loaned out; I end up having to release most of these guys.

    I bought Hazard for Utd; got to the middle of the season and he had played most of the matches. I’d only rest him if it was an early round cup tie or if he was really tired. He played two games straight; I rested him the third game and a news story came up that he felt he was not getting enough playing time…what?

    Allow me to warn clubs away from my players; let me make some of my players untouchables and let me put a price on players that want to leave.

    Reserve games would be nice.

    I hope they fix that crazy transfer window, though; Rooney to City?

  • Carl Walters

    i agree a reserve league even though you dont play the games should be put into place so that young players can gain some experience even when not playing first team. i also believe the transfer system is too erratic. every season sniejder is going to either man city or real madrid? i also believe being able to create training schedules would be good. so if theres a certain area you want to train a player in or even train them to play in another position. also when your a lower league team you cant change your stadium through the seasons? its a bit annoying playing in a small stadium when you get the the prem with say crawley town! i also believe other stories need to come up as the same stories come up every other week about players. i think a random generator with stories could come up with scandals or the tapping up of players or players falling out could help. realism is getting better but still lacking. i also believe games could be called off because of weather and stuff such as winter because the winter period feels no different in CM. lastly i think the international calender needs to be involved as players can get injuries while on duty and those injuries can effect seasons dramatically.

  • Mike Astuto

    Maybe write up a code that allows you to import existing CMs from FIFA12 into FIFA13 and for future games which would extend the life of your career.

  • Mike Astuto

    Not sure if you’ve already sent these ideas over to EA and this isn’t exclusively for CM but this just came to me while watching the Champions League. Give your players an option to have to warm up prior to being substituted on during a game. If you don’t warm them up they’re attributes should be adversely affected in a small but noticeable way until they’ve played 10 or 15 mins or so and also they should be more susceptible to being injured… especially muscle strains and tears. Would really force you to manage differently when you have a player go down to injury during a match.

  • Tom Mills

    @mike astuto we haven’t collated it all yet. Glad we havent actually, really like that idea!

  • David

    I think EA should introduce a new communication tool to use all throughout career mode whether it be player, manager or player manager. Here it is: There should exist an in-game dictionary full of words and short sentences that the CPU recognizes and applies a meaning to. So what you do is type in whatever you want to say in a given box just like you do in a search engine online. Then, as you type words in you are given hints below the typed words to help you with the sentence you are trying to type in, like in a search engine. After you type in your sentence it will have highlighted words. These words are the ones that the cpu recognizes and the ones that will impact the message you are sending. This communication tool will be used for communicating with your players, assistant coach, the press, the board, fans etc etc. The cpu would also use this in-game dictionary to construct messages for you. Pundits and journalists will also use this system to write up stories, predictions, criticisms etc. This way, with this system messages and stories would always vary because it would literally be a talking mechanism. It chooses words and short sentences to express itself. You would be able to express yourself the way you want even though some words would not be recognized, also your words would come out in the press. So every time you communicate you enter into a dialogue with the other party and you exchange messages by using this system. I think that in conjunction to this, therr should be at least three ready made sentences to pick from if you dont want to type or these ready made sentences express what you want to say.

  • Mike Astuto

    @Tom Mills. Thanks Tom! I thought it was quite brilliant myself when it came to mind… But really I wondered why it had taken me so long to think about it. Or why no one else had thought about it.

  • David

    I think career modes needs more ingredients. I think there should be even more ways of managing your squad. Here are some examples:

    - TEAM CHEMISTRY – I like the squad report. Now I think that with team chemistry you would have a place where you would have a list of your whole team and then you would click on a player. After you clicked on a player another screen would show up giving you his picture and name on top with the name of all the other players on the squad. Under the other names you would see a chemistry rating between the other players and the one being shown on top of the screen. I would also get to see info on how much passing they do between those players and also what kind of relationship they have between each other for example like if theyre friends or don’t really get along well etc. So basically you get the list of the entire squad, click on player then see under his page his chemistry with his other teammates.

    - TEAM PROFILE- I think every team should have a profile as well exactly the way a player profile is. When you check out your team’s profile the name comes out with the averages of players stats and information. For example if your team has allot of highly rated dribblers your team profile would have a high rating in dribbling. If there are allot of player on your team with a low reaction rating the team will have a low rating in its profile. Essentially, it will treat the team in general as a player. It will also show height average, weigh average and numbers by nationalities ie; England-13 players, Brazil-4 players etc. I think this would help you as manager to sort out your teams talents, what you need on your squad, things that you don’t notice sometimes.

    -BUSINESS ASPECTS- I think that you should at least be informed of what is going on in team ownership and status of business aspects. For example you should know about ticket prices, food costs and prices, parking, stadium upgrades, training facilities upgrades, and other expenses. Also you should get news on long term plans and projects like building of a new state-of-the-art stadium.

    -TEAM PRACTICE- You should be able to schedule team practice days on the calendar and have an actual training with your players and also be able to assign duties to the trainers of your squad. You should be able to have back and forth communication with all personnel and players.

    -SET THE DATE- I think that after you have a player on your team come up to you requesting more playing time you should be able to negotiate something like for example you tell him that he won’t be playing in the next match but that you will play him over the weekend. So after this agreement you should be able to mark it on the.calendar as a reminder just in case you forget and it will remind you prior to proceeding to that given match where you told the player you would play him. So reminders like that would be useful and nice.

    -MANAGER OF THE MONTH/ YEAR INTERVIEWS- Have you opt to attend an interview on your managing performance and then be published the next day.

    - MANAGER PERSONALITY REPUTATION- Along with performance reputation there should also be a personality reputation as well. For example, you develop a reputation as a strick coach or lenient and passive, this based on how you deal w with your players, personnel and press. This would be nice.

    - ACTUAL VISUAL MATCH SIM- I think that when you sim a match you should be able to actually view the match from the sideline. You should be able all sorts of orders to players as well as to your assistant manager. You should be able to give team talks prior to the match, then at the break and finally after the match. In visual sim mode you should have access to perhaps a few extras like you can lock your attention on one particular player you want to study and also give your assistant manager similar orders. You should be able to interact with everyone from the sideline. Finally, you should be able to fast forward or sim an entire half or just sim the remainder of the match.

    Thank you for reading and please consider these ideas for manager mode, good.luck, thanks.