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Back To The FIFA: Career Mode


If you don’t know what this is all about then it’d be a good idea to start reading here first and if you’ve got any comments or ideas for gameplay, then you can add them to the list here.

CM is the bread and butter of offline FIFA, being the mode of choice for those who want to take a lower league¬† team climbing through the tables or step straight into a team with a massive budget and bag trophy after trophy. It’s had a rough ride of late, but the offering in FIFA 12 was solid and definitely heading in the right direction.

So we want to know what you think is still missing. Do you want to be able to micro manage your team with Football Manager levels of detail? Do you want player stories to be fleshed out to include training ground fall outs and tabloid drama? Are text boxes enough or should we be seeing interactive cut scenes when players want to talk to you? Do you want to be able to have your wages paid into an off shore bank account? And what would you want to be able to do with them if you could? Would you want to be more involved in decision making at your club outside of squad selection and transfers?

How about online functionality for Career Mode, what features would you want to see there? Are leader boards enough for gloating or do you want to be able to play with/against your friends and have a direct affect on their title chase or relegation battle?

Once again, think outside the box and let us know what you’re after in the comments.


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  • Mike Astuto

    Other than that Id love to see reserve squads, a continuation of the transfer progress. Deadline day is a blast but player+cash and player for player deals will be awesome. I believe EA have said they are going to work hard to hopefully get that into FIFA13. Id love to see more of a spectacle on match day. Especially big matches… There needs to be more activity on the sidelines, cameras, and press which would vary depending on the weight of the match or the opponent. Have a trophy presentation worth watching… again more of a spectacle. The world of football is a billion dollar business and the game of FIFA just doesn’t make the spectacle of the sport feel that important. Stadium upgrades would be cool but again that doesn’t fall in the realm of team management. Which is why it would be nice to have an active team owner or president who makes decisions.

  • Niclas Sweden

    1. Bring youth teams and U21/reserve teams into CM. Like in the NHL series you can then choose to play these games or not. The best thing would be if you can actually go and just see the youth/reserve team games as the senior team headcoach, to see for yourself if someone stands out and in that case make a judgement if the player is suited for the senior team. You should here be able to choose the length of the games so it don’t need to be as long as when you actually play with your senior team.

    2. Be a coach, like Be a pro but as a coach. You only watch the games and you can start unemployed and then maybe get a job for a youth team first and then move on to bigger assignments if it goes well. Here you can obviously also choose if you want to play the games. You can hire your own staff, unemployed real managers or convince old players to start wrking with you when they retire their career’s. And maybe make it so you can have meetings with players and their agent’s or even players and their parents if it is a young player when you are about to sign player or negotiating new contracts. Also, depending on your salary you can choose your clothes for the sidline action, if you are a youth coach then you might have to wear the clubs overall or by one ugly one yourself if it is a poor team and when you get to the big leagues you can buy suits or whatever or get sponsored by clothing-, watch- and car companies. And you can get fined if you are being to careless and forget to wear the sponsored outfits etc. You would be able to go and see youth national team games/tournaments to scout possible transfers or if you manage a country (yes it should be in Be a coach mode) then you can go around the world to see players in their clubs for your country!

    3. Only starheads, (well I could at least wish for it). I will always have this on my list’s of improvement. I would love to play with an English League One team and sign a random Swedish player from the Swedish league and still be able to see who it is in the replays etc. Much more personal.

    4. Champions League, Europa League, World Cup (both international teams and the club tournament), European Championship, Copa America, Africa Cup of nations etc. ALL the real tournaments.

    5. Send or bring in players on trials.

    6. Be able (you can choose to play with this or not, has to be optional!) to have training sessions, play them or watch/manage them. In this mode you can for example watch the players on trial etc. Let there be times were two players start to argue or almost fight so you can break it up, fine and bench the players (and interact with them after the training, have a sit down with one each and then both) and if this continues with for example one player more then once then sell him or kick him of the team (terminate his contract on good reasons). And you could be able to try to keep this out of the press and if they write it anyway you can choose closed trainings.

    7. More interaction with the board, other coaches/teams, agent’s, national team coach (you can tell for example Fabio Capello that Leighton Baines is to unfit to play the next exhibition game for England if you play as manager for Everton) and the players.

    8. I have plenty more ideas but I don’t have the time to write them:)

    Comments on this Mr. Mills?;)

    Why don’t EA Sports sign me as a “writer” for the FIFA series..?;-)

  • HiguainLongHaiiir!??

    Well. First you have to be able to create your own manager. Facial options, bodytype, and let us not forget a myriad of different hairstyles. You want to create a muscular Mourinho? Or maybe a young Alex Ferguson with a strong, chiseled jawline. The choice should be yours. And he should be standing on the sideline of every game with cutscenes popping up from time to time.

  • Mike Astuto

    More storylines…. That force you into making a decision. Like maybe the league handing down a stiff suspension penalty for a bad challenge, training injuries, players fighting if the season isn’t progressing according to plans Players dealing with legal and off field issues that you must respond to as a manager. ect

  • Randinho


    A transfer frequency slider. Similar to the to game attribute sliders.
    A little less would be more realistic.

    Wesley Sneijder and Luis Suarez have been transfered 3 times each in 4 windows. Its ridiculous.

  • Adam

    I think that you should have no transfer budget to start with, so when you go to a club for a player and the other club quote an estimational price you and your negotiator should try and work out a deal, then you go to the owner and request for the funds, and it’s his decision wether or not he grants you the money. Then if its aplayer on the fringes e.g Wayne Bridge, he should be more than happy to join your club, if it matches his standards. But if it was a Wayne Rooney, he would refuse point blank. This imo would add a better degree of authenticity to the Career mode expierience.

  • Dirtyleedsblog

    I don’t know if you need another licence from the LMA or something. It please put real managers in the game. Mid-season sackings, speculation etc etc. would do wonders for the immersion levels

  • FrusciantesGhost

    I’m new to FIFA this year and don’t play it regular but from what I’ve seen from the career mode so far has impressed me. . yet i’d like to have the option of changing shirt sponsors, every year there should be offers from (real or made up sponsors to select from). .all with varying contract lengths and payments.
    The commentary for your specific team although a very nice touch the first few times you hear it, should alter when you have took them from division 2 to the Premier League. Hearing how its such a shame to see your team is in such a dire situation when you’re playing a Champions League match is a tad silly.
    Oh, and the league badges on the sleeves should match the league you’re in. . PES does this so there are no excuses. .
    Of course these are just very tiny critiques but would add a higher level of realism.

  • jacko

    something like Football Life from PES2012 … and training session with impact on fatigue,form and overall …

  • Colonia

    I would also like to see more training-related stuff and others:

    1) I think you should be able to go straight to practice (like in Arena/Practice Match) with the team choosen at Squad.

    2) Even players in your reserve squad should improve their stats (considering they are within age), because they are supposed to be training every day. So maybe a couple options to be able to steer this progress would also come in handy, for example, you could book the player for gym training for a given week so that you could help boost his physical stats. Obviously, players in your main squad getting more play time should develop faster in comparison.

    3) Ability to edit/buy stadiums. Basic visual upgrade that would make all the difference for those who like to bring teams up from the lower leagues.

    4) Sideline coaches with the ability to choose hair and clothing style (suit and tie, team jumpsuit, casual, etc)…

    5) Guys recovering/returning balls after they go out on the sidelines would be a nice touch too.

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  • Josue

    How about for be a pro you could have club trials and be scouted by bigger clubs if you start at a small club just like in the american football games.

  • Alkregha

    Some great stuff up here so far! Now, I know the intent is to request any features at all, but I think it is worth ordering some of mine in terms of feasibility, and when they should be implemented. So the easiest, or most needed, are listed first. Also, I have left what I consider to be bugs out of this list. For example, the stupid scheduling.

    1. Ability to edit players during career mode. They allow it for your pro, but they need to allow it for the other players, especially the youth team guys. Nothing more annoying the having a team full of default EA Boots, and such a simple feature to add.

    2. Ability to mix and match kits. Older XBOX versions on PES did this. Basically, you could mix and match the shorts, socks, and shirts. Another simple thing to do, and creates a slight bit of extra variety and flavor that keeps the game interesting. When you are a League 2 team, it gets old seeing those same two strips for five years.

    3. Ability to update kits during each offseason. Again, an older version of PES allowed you to do this, assuming you created your team to start with. It would be cool to see it restricted to official team colors though. For example, with Real Madrid you could edit the style of the home jersey, or the make (adidas, nike, etc), but you could not vary from the all whites in terms of color. Then, with the second and/or third strip, you should have all the freedom to change the color, and also the keeper strip. I think editing the sponsor would be cool as well, but that is a follow on step in my opinion. The first step is just being able to do some small editing. Further along, you could arrange deals with sponsors, deals with kit makers, etc. These would bring revenue to your club.

    4. Having all the international and club tournaments fit into the calendar. The focus here is the internationals. My players can get called away to duty (Cup of Nations), etc. Also, your players could get selected for duty based on form, etc, and when they come back, their skills improve or decrease based on how they performed. If they pull a france, they come back in total shambles, and have to recover mentally. Eventually, I would like to see the ability to get your coach hired as a national team coach as well.

    5. Like several have posted, being able to create a physical presence for your “coach”. Just like player creation, but coach creation. Add him to the sideline, etc.

    6. Ability to setup your team and drop into a practice, to see if you like what you have. Again, the first step is just being able to knock the ball around with your current team. This could be expanded into training modes, player development modes, etc. First effort is just to get a practice in there. Adding this for your youth team would be great too.

    7. Ability to give scouted players a test drive, or test watch. If I am in the transfer window, and want to sign a lad from Leeds that I have never used before in the game (so I don’t know how he actually plays), by opening negotiations, I should get an offer to either see some highlights of the CPU using him, or be able to use him myself in somewhat of a “trial”. To me, though all the stats and numbers are nice, nothing takes the place of using a player. I know within 5 mins of using a player if I will like him, or hate him. I think that is a testament to the fact that Fifa have done a decent job adding individuality to players. It isn’t all about Overall Rating, Speed and Ball Handling anymore. Now, capitalize on that by letting me figure out if the stats and traits come together in a player that suits me. On older PES games, Zidane was amazing. But he was not the fastest player, he didn’t have the best dribbling, and he wasn’t the strongest physical presence on the pitch. But the first time I used him, I knew that he was my style of mid fielder. If I could do that with other players I am signing, or “fake” players and youth players, it would make signing a player that much more rewarding.

    8. Slow simulation mode allowing the manager to make subs and formation changes. I don’t ever sim a game right now, because the result is always so pre-determined. I have no control over the outcome.

    9. Flesh out the coach detail a bit more. Beyond the basic contract, he should have release clauses and penalties, etc. At the same time, teams should be able to come after you mid-season, and try to hire you.

    10. An online mode, similar to that described in Xaors corner. A bear of a task for sure, but something that would make the game better.

    I think that is all for now. I could go on all day, but a top 10 is good. I have been playing FIFA since 1994, but had a love affair with PES during the XBOX era. It took the 360 to bring me back to FIFA.

  • Omar

    One of the improvement I’ve been waiting is the weather cycle. I like the stadiums in day, night, raining, etc…but I would like better to start a game in the Camp Nou dusk for example, see the sunset and the game finished in night. Also, I’d like improvements in the current list of stadiums and add some more in every league. Also, include more leagues from South America or at least add some teams to the Rest of The World so there could be International tornaments like the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana; With this, the Career Mode with a Brazilian or Mexican team could be more interesting and with the possibility of winning the tournament and qualify to the Club World Cup every year in december, that I believe is one of the most important things missing in the Career Mode.

  • BarcaBoaby

    The ability to upload CM team to play friends online and offline!

  • Herman

    Great ideas my top two:

    1) I would love to have full integration with the mobile versions of the game. For instance I could have a CM on the ps3, but then play a game on my iPhone. Or put in a transfer bid from my phone and have it update on the main game. If this were to be implemented I would literally never have to stop playing career mode.

    2) Better player progression in later years of CM. Particularly some ability to improve your players. Not through points like in Fifa a few years ago, but maybe though training drills like what ea had in early 2000 Maddens.

  • Mike Astuto

    Agree with you @Omar Would really love to see the addition of some S. American leagues and at least some form of Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champs League. Even if they’re not completely accurate it gives you something more to play for if you enjoy playing with an MLS, Mexican, or Brazilian team than just winning the league every year.

  • Alex

    As A player I wish you could actually leave or put in a transfer request mid season. Basically the player aspect of it needs more depth. It doesn’t really have a personal feel to it.

    In manager mode I wish you could monitor other players in other leauges, as in see whole has the most goals in each different leauge, be able to have one of the scouts see a team and come back after a game or two and give me a report on peoples form, so that I can better prepare my next transfer move.
    Also I like the news feed but its not individualized well. I will see in club news, world news, and local news the same story about how one of my guys is in form. I think any news about my team should just be in the club section so that more real world storiess will be in the feed.I think putting breaking news on the top of our own with be enough to know that the world is monitoring it.

    I think reserve team games would be good to cause I notive I have to buy players at 16 otherwise they leave the youth camp. Then I have like 6 youth players at 16 years old and no one wants to loan them from me. I think a game or 2 a month that I wouldn’t even have to play would be good so that they develop at least at half the rate they could if they were playing all the first team games.

  • Bruno

    Id like very much options like in FIFA MANAGER 12 , like this things :

    - In the press conference they ask you questions , and rises or decreases the team and fans happiness , form , and morale , and talk with your players

    -Another thing is to have a reserve and youth team , as you recruit players they advance into the youth team , and where there are important things of the youth team the staff tells you , like in FIFA MANAGER 12

    -Another thing , that NEEDS A LOT , is when you reject a transfer , but youd like to sell that player for “X” amount of money , so you reject and put the money you want your player to sell , like when you make a low transfer and says it needs more money

    -There would be TRADES with clubs , and offer players to some clubs , like you want urgent to sell a player or loan one , and there are no offers , you offer to a club , like in real life when a youth player is bought , they inmediatly loan him to a club

  • Kev

    Would love to see ‘Be A Manager’ availability in Career Mode. In the World Cup game if you were England you would get cut scenes of Fabio Capello on the sidelines. A great feature utilising the Gameface technology would be to allow us to creat ourselves as the manager on the touchline! you could be a stylish suited manager like Mancini, wear a dodgy puffa jacket like Wenger or even done the shorts and boots look ala Coyle! I think this would make the game experience more interactive. For cup finals you would also see your manager lead the team out from the tunnel.