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Bumper FIFA 12 News Round Up

Well considering it’s a bank holiday Monday in the UK it’s been a busy, busy day of FIFA 12 activity. We broke the ice early this morning with our  exclusive interview with FIFA 12 Gameplay Producer, Santiago Jaramillo but since then it’s been one article after another. And as we’re going offline for a few days to visit EA in Guildford I thought I’d better leave you with loads to read in our absence.

Eurogamer – FIFA 12 Preview

IGN – FIFA 12 Preview

Kotaku – FIFA 12 Preview

CVG – FIFA 12 Preview

Official Xbox Magazine – FIFA 12 Preview

Gamer NL - FIFA 12 Gameplay Footage

FIFABenelux – FIFA 12 Hands On

Made2Game – FIFA 12 Preview – FIFA 12 Screens

Phew, glad that ones done and dusted. See you all on the other side and remember to keep a close eye on the Team FSB Twitter accounts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lets FIFA 12!

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  • Nikhil Naik

    OXM preview directs to CVG preview… :(

  • anthonyOA

    See you guys! Hit twitter hard!

    See you on twitter while i’m @ work lol

  • Darthgalo

    Hey… why you guys didn’t linked Arte Virtual?

  • Dejilinho

    Thanks guys, you are awesomer

  • kenneth

    Looks awesome great news.. I know its very early, but im not impressed by the graphic yet, and the player faces is the same like fifa 11.. very dissapointed about that.. hope they change that with much more players/teams..