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Clive Tyldesley Working On FIFA 12

After Tom and UltimateFIFA brought you the news that sources close to EA SPORTS had described infamous football pundit Andy Gray’s FIFA commentary career as “over”. Today we found out who would be part of the team replacing him. Clive Tyldesley has let slip on his official Twitter account that he’s currently working on this year’s FIFA 12 commentary script but he isn’t exactly over the moon…


Let’s be honest we all knew Andy Gray¬†would face the chop but¬†this news surely means that his trusty side kick Martin Tyler has also been axed, you can’t have two commentary anchors now can you?

Who could Clives partner be? Townsend? Lawro? Neville?

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  • lamboz

    Oh dear god please don’t be gary neville, ive already had to cancel my sky subscription and i’l bloody cancel buying fifa12 if that rotten bastard is doing commentary

  • Alan Montgomery

    As long as it isn’t Gary Neville I wont mind. Gary Neville is a hateful dirty rat. Ray Wilkins should be his commentary partner… Stay on your feet!

  • soso

    Martin Tyler ):
    i hope arbic commentary in fifa12

  • cfc

    i’d love to see Gary Lineker as a commentator, although he’s not a commentator. His voice would match brilliantly for fifa 12.

  • aggaz

    Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend worked nicely on the Fifa 09
    a cant stand Martin Tyler heard him for twenty years on sky and nearly the same on fifa time for change surely.

  • Fezile

    I like Clive. He was good back in the day on the PS2.

  • Joepac

    Surely this mean we will get new Spanish commentators as well right??

  • Hugh

    Jim beglin would be good,but he is on PES now.Townsend is a bit shit,nothing when he isnt in his tactical van. Suppose they could use kevin phillips? Or Alan smith who does commentary for sky.

  • milky

    john motson!

  • tim

    not gary neville. i hate the bastard

  • Craig

    I woudn’t mind having Chris Kamara or Alan Hanson. Have a complete change I got bored of Gray and Tyler…

    I would love Paul Merson the most because I love how he messes up on Soccer Saturday.