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Clive Tyldesley Working On FIFA 12

After Tom and UltimateFIFA brought you the news that sources close to EA SPORTS had described infamous football pundit Andy Gray’s FIFA commentary career as “over”. Today we found out who would be part of the team replacing him. Clive Tyldesley has let slip on his official Twitter account that he’s currently working on this year’s FIFA 12 commentary script but he isn’t exactly over the moon…


Let’s be honest we all knew Andy Gray¬†would face the chop but¬†this news surely means that his trusty side kick Martin Tyler has also been axed, you can’t have two commentary anchors now can you?

Who could Clives partner be? Townsend? Lawro? Neville?

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  • Nathan Lee Gibson

    Townsend, featured in the world cup game surely a must be. would also make the fa cup games seem more real as townsend is usualy commentating on fa cup matches. has the experience and has now become a regular commentator in prem and cup games. i would pay extra for the game aslong as he was in there tbh

  • liam

    cannot believe Martin Tyler wont be commentating on FIFA 12. Ohwell guess i better start transferring music to my xbox -_-

  • Sam

    I’d love Lawro, Bob Wilson, Simon Brotherton or Ally McCoist to take the helm! ;).

  • David Bryant

    Loving the Ally McMoist shout…

    “it’s just a wee stain” could be a FIFA 12 classic :)

  • Jubal c

    My guess is Martin Tyler will still be in FIFA 12 but as an alternative (possibly DLC) we will have Clive Tyldsley. Im well chuffed with CT as he was great in FIFA WC and defo brought some of the games to life.

  • Ricardo

    rubbish….they should have Martin Tyler as the main man he is voice of sky sports still and gives the premier league and champions league the right atmosphere. Maybe andy townsend and clive t as alternative English commentaries as they did a few years back.

  • strikerx10

    clive > martin tyler by a good green country mile :)

    great news! his commentary in WC2010 was awesome and exciting. I hate martin tyler’s boring commentary. clive for me is a lot better than him. I really really hope he’s commentating and not just writing the script.

  • Tom

    As long as it’s not Alan Smith im happy!! :)

    Gunna miss Tyler and Gray. Not just in FIFA but watching sky sports!

    and im a utd fan!!

  • Rami

    What about John Motson ?

  • Kevin

    Steve McManaman?

  • Javi

    Clive Tlydesley and Andy Townsend FTW!!

  • HoB

    Doesn’t he just have to say “that night in Barcelona” five or six different ways?

  • HoB

    And “sunsheeeyyyiiine”

  • TheLiverpoolWay

    strikerx10 makes a good point!

    Maybe Tyldesley is just writing the script but not actually commentating?

    Either way, I like the idea of having a brand new commentating team :D It will bring a new freshness to the game!

    Ideally the commentators should be Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, but I wouldn’t mind Jim Beglin :) But I guess he’s on PES so… :(

  • HoB

    They wouldn’t get a commentator to write scripts for other commentators.

  • yella

    i agree with hob, it will obviously be cheaper to get him to write his scripts and perform them. Obviously if martin was reading clives or vice versa then it wouldnt sound right and wouldnbt be his mannerisms

  • Mike

    Clive Tyldesley and Chris Kamara FTW!!!

  • Tom

    kevin – I agree, Steve McManaman would be nice, but it’ll never happen

  • Pay per Head Service

    Why did that Gray guy get axed in the first place?

  • Tom Moxey

    there were different commentators for 2010 fifa world cup wasnt their?