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Colombia Liga Postobon Licensed In FIFA 14

Rumours of South American league licenses in FIFA 14 have been flying around for a couple of months now. Following the announcements of the Argentinian and Chilean leagues earlier this month, EA SPORTS have now confirmed that the Colombian Categoría Primera A or Liga Postobon is officially licensed in FIFA 14.

To mark this joyous occasion EA SPORTS have even snapped up Monaco superstar Falcao “El Tigre to feature on the cover alongside South American hero’s Lionel Messi and Arturo Vidal.







Source: FSB Spain & EA SPORTS

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  • flo
  • Chris Morgan

    Any info on the 3 European leagues? (Ukraine, Greece, Turkey) It would be great if these were in FIFA 14 too.

  • DoubleR

    Hey FSB, materials for posts:
    - FIFA 13 vs FIFA 14 faces (El Shaaraway, Neymar, Lewandowski, Bale, Ibra – wow!)

    - next-gen FIFA 14 interview (including new in-game clips) with David Rutter (skip to 9:49:00)

  • Marcus

    Great news makes Career mode much enjoyable

  • kenneth

    so this was the last league and now fifa have 33 leagues.. so no turkish, greek or ukrain league in fifa14.. maybe some teams in rest of world.. we know shaktar are in the game.. maybe fenerbache..
    I dont care about all the south american teams, but is a nice addition in career mode, i also wanna hear about soon.. no news about career mode.. why ea!?

  • Arthur DAbreu

    Nice, but i hope more leagues on FIFA 14. Like Ukraine, Greece n Turkey. But, the dream is always a Official UCL partnership.

  • Henryclay1844

    The interesting thing is (although it could be a slip), is that EA is saying 33 “official leagues”, well of the 30 last year at least 5 weren’t really official. These include both Italian leagues, Brazil, Portugal, and Poland. So maybe these are all official now?

  • El_Kaiju

    Great news! But I hope to heard that South American leagues get an Copa Libertadores-like tournament as well. Not being to play in any type of continental competition really hurt the non-European leagues in career mode.

  • Volkan

    Very nice job done but is there news about the Turkish Super Lig, I think there is a huge fanbase who waits for this so if you can give any information please!!

  • Pelao_Caza_Mitos

    I Read that the Uruguay National Team is going to be Licenced this year… i hope the league too

  • Juan

    Tired of European leagues; my god how many more do we need. It’s ridiculous, finally, EA figured out that South American has talent and true teams are down south.