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Commentary Duo Back In Recording Studio

Sky Sports’ dynamic duo of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith return to the studio ahead of two major FIFA franchise releases this calendar year.

Earlier this month the Base Soccer Agency’s twitter account tweeted the following message;

EA SPORTS have two major football game releases due to be released this year with FWC 2014 expected in April followed by FIFA 15 around the end of September. We expect Messrs Tyldesley and Townsend will also be due some studio time in the near future.


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  • Why Oh Why Konami

    Sorry but Alan Smith is awful

  • AffinitiGaming .

    Why is this even news? It’s going to be the same ye’ old bull crap scripted commentary that has no passion or emphases on the game what so ever. When you play enough you know the lines yourself off by heart. Games like NBA 2K14 has the best commentary in any sporting game to date IMO. FIFA is getting worse as much as i love it it’s just going down hill something chronic. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Jazszzz

    They record tons of lines but never incorporate them in a good way. Commentary always seems so generic. I can tell they tried to change it up in the last two games but even then, same old same old. Get some variety going as well, bring in Andy Gray, Jim Beglin (I know, but I like him especially during European games), etc etc

  • Rayes

    Actua soccer series and actua golf had the best commentry for sport games

  • Elpistolero

    Same thing every year, i have an idea which will make fifa sell millions of copies but if its not done well it will ruin the game

  • Bert Edver

    think the fifa commentary is great and i would love alan smith to bum me with his nose

  • djp

    I can’t wait to hear what inane comments Alan will come up with this year.

    Anything to beat ‘He might be feeling his body’ would do nicely, thanks!

  • Steven Walsh

    i hope they do a better job this time round, im sick of hearing the same old tripe, have ever faced your old team, oh when i was leicester i played arsenal we got beat 3-0 and i got a cheer from everyone or something to that degree, its boring time for some new ideas

  • qq terry

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  • Shajjad Hossain

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