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Competition: T-Shirt Giveaway

We’ve got a bunch of Love Football Play Football T-shirts and we’re giving them away. To win one, you simply need to think of a hilarious caption to the image below and post it in the comments, along with your shirt size.

That’s it, although you’ll also need to have used your real email address when you signed up, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you. Apologies for the crap image of the T-Shirt, I assure you they’re very nice once you’ve ironed them.

Terms and conditions/rules

1) Entrants must be a resident of England.

2) The judges decision is final.

3) You can enter as many times as you like.

4) The deadline for entry is Friday the 14th of October at 5pm UK time.

5) Your entry must be hilarious.

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  • Gareth

    Drogba: Why are you hiding behind me?
    Torres: I’ve just seen Ashley Cole with an air rifle.

  • Gareth

    Torres: Have you see Mono-brow?
    Drogba: Yeah, I think he’s pissed himself.

  • SolidusJJ

    Torres: What!…All I said to the guys was that I like PES


  • SolidusJJ

    Drogba: I am going to stare the power to score goals into you… we have to be quick because I have to stare the power to defend in bosingwa.


  • SolidusJJ

    Torres: So are you my strike partner?
    Drogba: No i’m the magician sent to magic you into scoring.

  • SolidusJJ

    Torres: I watched this show called “The Walking Dead”…. this is my impression of a footballing zombie that can’t score///wadya think Drogs?

  • SolidusJJ

    Torres: I’m going to score today
    Drogba: How do you know?
    Torres: Rooney’s dad has a tenner on it :)

  • 50million

    Torres: Why are you staring at me?
    Drogba: I’m trying to figure out something..
    Torres: What?
    Drogba: WHY 50 MILLION


  • Leigh

    Torres: “Bosingwa thinks he’s a better striker than me!”
    Drogba “… What do you mean, thinks?”

  • Leigh

    My favourite country is the moon :/

  • Brad

    Drogba: You need to be a beast like me to score goals, look at my chest, i have boobies, you have a puny body, look at your flat chest.

  • SolidusJJ

    Torres: Come Dine With Me is on tonight, you fancy coming over to watch it tonight Drogs?
    Drogba: WTF….

  • Jai

    Torres: Fifa 12 later??

    Drogba: Yeah at least then I’ll get a game


  • SolidusJJ

    Who were the winners of this competition fifasoccerblog team?


    nice t’s