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Competition: T-Shirt Giveaway

We’ve got a bunch of Love Football Play Football T-shirts and we’re giving them away. To win one, you simply need to think of a hilarious caption to the image below and post it in the comments, along with your shirt size.

That’s it, although you’ll also need to have used your real email address when you signed up, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you. Apologies for the crap image of the T-Shirt, I assure you they’re very nice once you’ve ironed them.

Terms and conditions/rules

1) Entrants must be a resident of England.

2) The judges decision is final.

3) You can enter as many times as you like.

4) The deadline for entry is Friday the 14th of October at 5pm UK time.

5) Your entry must be hilarious.

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  • Nickino

    “You know Fernando it’s funny… I didn’t think I could EVER get used to the brown hair… but, well, I don’t know… when the light catches it like that… GOD you’re beautiful!”

  • connor.

    Drogba: youl never score again (YNSA)


  • Sanchez

    Drogba how do you score?

  • Eddie

    love is in the air…

    btw, i don’t live in the UK so don’t pick me as winner

  • Total Football

    Nae luck to the Welsh, Scots and Ulstermen lol

  • Nicolas Van Hoorde

    “You can look as long as you want Nando, it’s never going to get in anymore.”

  • Jai

    Didier: When you next see JT, look him in the eye JUST LIKE THIS, and say ‘I’ve proved I can score goals, now can I have my wife back!!’

  • Gari14WENB

    Drogba: What do you mean you are on £200,000 a week!?……you? honestly?


  • Gui Cramer

    “(Former) lady in red…. is dancing with me. There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me…”

    look it up!

  • yousif

    Drogba – “Dont look at me like that, you couldnt score even if you were in a brothel”

    Size: Small

  • Spike Chapman

    Torres: “I’m depressed”
    Drogba: “Scoring problems?”
    Torres: “Nah, just saw my mrs getting out of Terrys car”

  • dale sherlock

    fernando i think i want to kiss you!!!

  • RIND2012

    Fernando: “They made ​​you the same haircut in FIFA 12 ”

    Drogba: “Yeah ? And you’ve seen your gamerface in PES ?!”

  • Abdul

    Drogba: Ok heres a question before we start. What do you do if you find yourself 1 on 1 with the keeper?
    Torres: Errm errm do a little trick then shoot & hope it ends in the back of the net?
    Drogba: Dude no wonder your not scoring you need to join my shooting classes.

  • Gav

    Nice boobs Drogba you have to teach how to score on this

  • lloyd

    Torres thinks…..i wish i was him.

  • danny

    Drogba: “50million what?!”

  • Jai

    Torres: dont say anything to Jose but I think he needs a intervention, his unibrow makes him look like a twat

  • SmaleC

    Drogba: Frnando Y U no score!?
    Torres: I missed it for the lulz!
    Drogba: Derp
    Torres: Derp

    (medium) – I’m not from England – I know I can’t participate… still… ;)

  • Gareth

    Drogba: Hey Fernando lad, I’ve sold you on my Ultimate Team, I got 90k coins. Turns out Roman didn’t pay over the odds.