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Congratulations Dave!

Today Mr and Mrs Bryant welcomed Jack and Ethan into the world (although I will be calling them Dennis and Thierry).

No more FIFA as and when he pleases, just sleepless nights and an empty wallet.

I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Dave, Katie and the future England Wing Backs all the best.

Congratulations mate.

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  • Xaor

    Bravo Dave – all the best to your growing family.

  • JMTrevisan

    Congrats, man!

    Cheers from Brazil!

  • Adam Neaves

    Congratulations Dave, All the best to you, katie and the two new additions Jack and Ethan

  • Hammo8

    Congrats Dave! I feel bad though; we’ll all be playing FIFA 12 while you’re knee deep in shit & milk sick. Chin up, yeah!

  • Mike Astuto

    Congrats Dave! Time to move to America, we need some bright young footballing stars in our nation.

  • JeriKane

    Congrats Dave! :-)

  • worldisreal

    may ur spirit be in them. congradulations dave…

  • FVPA Mark

    Congrats to you both, enjoy…it’s goes quickly and more importantly cherish the time your allowed to play Fifa!!

  • Pas80

    All the best Dave and family!!!….

    Don’t listen to Tom with regards to no more Fifa as of when you please though…

    Multitasking all the way….simple ;0)

  • Dave

    Congrats all round! Double trouble ;)

  • Ricky chaney

    Well done..

  • Spike Chapman

    Massive congratulations from myself, Becky, Sophia and Layla! Sophia is already asking if she can come see them lol

    I really hope you and the Mrs are happy and well. If there is any way we can help just let us know.

  • nOir_dEuX

    Congratulations as the father of twins…all I can say is, prepare yourself, its WORSE than they say and BETTER than they can imagine!!

  • Lee Meadowcroft

    Well done Dave, good lad. The sooner you start them on Fifa the sooner they’ll be able to kick all their friends arses, and their dads ;-)

    No really, congrats to you and the mrs, wishing you all well.

  • Dave Witts

    Awesome news and congratulations Dave and family and hope everyone is well. Best wishes and fantastic news and so happy for you all. Enjoy :-)

  • Jubal c

    Get in there !
    Well done and congrats!

  • Sloaney


  • Champions67

    Congrats Dave,best wishes and good luck!

  • Jegan

    Congratulations Dave :)

  • Frederik the Dane

    Congratz, Dave :D

    No doubt they’ll be taught how to play FIFA before they can walk ;P