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Creation Centre Updated For FIFA 13

Sort of…

The web app will greet users with the following message when they now log in.

I know many were looking forward to a meaty Creation Centre upgrade like we got last year, but there isn’t one unfortunately.

We’ve had a poke around and there are some new face option and hairstyles for your created players and some new kits. We couldn’t see the new colours and the ability to use custom images as team crest and shirt sponsor were in there last year, not sure why that’s been mentioned.

So a bit disappointing there but the update does mean that you can now begin creating content ready for FIFA 13. As mentioned in the image, you can continue to use existing items in FIFA 11 and FIFA 12 until the person that created those items saves changes to them using the new creator.

You can check out the new bits by logging in here.

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  • Markos

    If you want to download a team or a tournament in fifa 13 for ps3,you must pay?

  • jcmrwhite

    “Did anyone hear about the FUT Gold Coin Guide at the site FUTMillionaire.com?

    These guys are offering $50 dollars to anyone who can raise 2 million coins in 14 days with their method.”

  • tdtctdtdhr

    how do u use it do u need an account

  • Ryan

    hey does anyone know how i can get the underarmour shit for players like rooney,wellbeck etc but i want them to wear it all the time not just for rain and snow ?????

  • mitsos

    how can i create a centre in my fifa 12 for ps3?
    please help me

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Terveen Karim Moumen

    they should update the boots in creation centre … and put in some player peronalized haircuts like fabregas or quarisma his haircut for example.. lol would make it alot more fun

  • stevescouser69

    Will there be an update after the january window closes for CC, if so can you tell me if the likes of Nene, Aimar and now D.Cisse will still be on there because they are playing in Saudi now?

  • disqus_s7ivbLfkzA

    yo what is club crest on fifa 13

  • yo

    i want to increase the limit of dowloads teams in CC. how?

  • Raad

    how do u get back to fifa 12 creation centre?

  • Zenk

    I dream in GETTING NEW “GOALIE GLOVES” for my Team’s Goalies. JUST LIKE THE SHOES YOU “GET” from FC Catalog.

    Is this possible?

  • harry potter

    Can i use cretion center 13 to put players in fifa 12

  • Iggie

    I recently bought fifa 13 for ps3, due to reduced price. But when I tried to use the creation centre (cc), it linked me to fifa 14 cc. Did these guys stop access to fifa’s13 cc, to make us buy the new game as well?

  • omar sorto

    Is it possible that i can use my creation league and play career mode and qualify to play in the championship league or eruo leage ??
    In fifa 14

  • Abraham Cardona Figueroa

    quiero descagar para fifa 13

  • Romaine Rose

    im not sure if there is one anymore