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Details On February FIFA Update

EA Sports have unveiled a host fixes that the February FIFA 13 update hopes to eradicate.  The PC update is now available, however, console owners will have to wait a little while longer to reap the benefits. All the details listed below.

  • Guest Play added as an option in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team
  • An error when trying to access Pro Clubs
  • An issue to reduce disconnects to the EA Servers and in EA SPORTS Football Club while in menus or gameplay
  • An issue in Creation Centre where some licensed kits were displayed incorrectly
  • Disconnects while viewing FUT Auction House search results
  • Snow will again be a random weather option in Pro Clubs

I’m sure many will be overjoyed to hear that the random disconnects from the EA Servers are being seriously tackled. Have EA tackled any of your gripes with FIFA 13?

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