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EA Explain Tournament Mode Omission in FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One

You guys have been asking us on Twitter about the omission of Tournament mode in FIFA 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One, so we went directly to EA to get an answer.

The question was why is Tournament not in FIFA 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One, and here is EA’s answer:

Each time we develop a new FIFA game, we spend a lot of time reviewing and evaluating features based on popularity, real world trends, and our development resources. For the new generation of FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4, we decided not to include Tournament Mode, which accounted for a very small percentage of games played in FIFA 13, in order to focus on the most important areas and modes in the game. We took those resources and budget, and focused on many other new areas of the game, including Living Worlds and Stadiums, Career Mode, and expanded Online Seasons. As always, we will continue to listen to fan feedback to determine the features we include in future versions of the game. Thanks for your consistent feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the forums.

There you go, folks. It seems like it’s a fair omission based on usage. Plus, if it allowed EA to spend more time working on the gameplay and more used modes, then you can kind of understand. What do you guys think? The comments section is yours.

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  • annonymous

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  • Nadim Zubidat

    I am also very disappointed from EA. Everyone should be absolutely sure that leaving Tournament Mode out has nothing to do with resources and the percentage of players. This is due to a simple face that most of the code for Tournament Mode is not platform-dependent. Tournament Mode exists already for PS3, no reason why it shouldn’t exist on PS4 because the porting effort is really minimal.

    My friends and I really wanted to move to PS4 so I developed a simple Windows application that will manage our league. If you guys already have PS4/XboxOne and really want to have your friends over and play league mode, feel free to download and use it. For us it’s good enough, maybe it will be for you as well.

    It’s a simple application that allows to create up to 6 team’s league and it will schedule all matches automatically and fairly. All is needed is to enter the result of each match, the app will update the table automatically.

    Any requests or bugs found, please feel free to PM me. My username in fifasoccerblog is nadim86

    Below link includes an exe file, readme and a screenshot.


    Below is information about the application.

    1- Windows 7 or later
    2- Microsoft .NET framework (~2MB Download from

    1- Up to 6 teams league
    2- Automatic and fair match scheduler
    3- Full league table which includes: Position, Team Name, Games Played, Wins, Losses, Draws, Goals, Goals Difference and Points.
    3- League table which is automatically updated after each match
    4- Manual table for entering 1/2 weeks suspension/injury

    1- Choose the number of teams from list
    2- Click on “New League”
    3- Add each team by its name and click “Add Team”
    4- After adding all teams, clikc “Start League”
    5- The application will display the next match to be played in the bottom of the window
    6- Once the match is over, choose the result from the list and then click “End Match”
    7- The table will be updated according to the result
    8- Click “Next Match” to continue to next match

    1- Only up to 6 teams are supported
    2- It is not possible to “Undo” any match/result once the button “End Game” is clicked
    3- No support for red-cards/injuries auto reminder
    4- To start a new league, restarting the application is required
    5- No save option

  • annonymous

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  • Jamie

    Guess the people that create fifa don’t have real friends that play with them in their house. Just cyber friends. Sad what you’ve done. Be decent if I had a job there. Someone who knows football and what football fans want

  • TN

    This is bullshit. If FIFA really cared about what the fans want then they’d make sure they’d get the Ukrainian and Turkish league licensed. Getting rid of tournament mode was not necessary at all, it’s such a simple mode that’s in ever FIFA game so far, they just want you to play FUT because that’s how they get money.

  • Pablo Senzanonna

    This is BS as the tournament mode is STILL ON on PS3 and PC versions, they took it off only on PS4 and XBOX1…just cut the bullshi… and put it back!

  • Lee5y

    I bought a PS4 specifically so me and my mates can play tournament mode on fifa 14 and its not there. I spent £500 altogether. what a waste of money.

    The fact that EA are saying “Tournament Mode, accounted for a very small percentage of games played in FIFA 13″, I think indicates they are only accounting for the people connected to the internet. Everyone I know plays Fifa tournaments.
    To put it into words its a total joke they have not included tournament mode. What do they think groups of friends play when they are together? Ultimate team is no better and the only difference is slightly improved graphics. Fifa 14 is better on PS3 haha.
    If an update doesn’t come I’ll sell the lot. My honest advice would be to stay away from next gen consoles for the time being. Not much better at all

  • Balljumper

    We use the app “Tournament Soccer” for managing the tournaments we play.

  • kat

    Indoor Soccer Tournament in Miami for men and women! June 7th!

  • Alex Laulik

    Ridiculous, the ps4 is a quality console but everything that comes with it. It’s all money grabbing, every little thing.

  • James Earp

    I for one WILL not be buying FIFA 15 if they haven’t returned tournament and creation centre. Tournament mode was amazing for offline multiplayer games wich Ea have now killed off! And just controlling 1 team on career mode bores me. I too feel ripped off. Oh and learn the offside rule EA!!

  • sergiu

    We want Tournament Mode back in Fifa 14 on Ps4

  • Kirk

    Complete nonsense! I play single mode and online a lot but only to be prepare for a tournament with friends offline! So its not about quantity of games alone. Its just a way to make more money. Tournament mode enables people to play for free together while online makes you pay for it.

  • Blakinbits3

    I only play offline because my Internet sucks and it is unfair for me not to be able to play tournaments and the only thing I can do is play career mode

  • Matt

    Prob not an accurate statement. Me and my buddies played hundreds of games in custom tourneys but usually when we didn’t have internet to track us (like taking my system to a friends and not bothering with connecting to WiFi).

  • Mario Viñas Arrambide

    I don’t even play online, we need an offline season mode again!

  • biboarchitect

    This would probably the last time i purchase a EA Fifa, this is simply cheating!

  • Ali

    FIFA sucks. I’m gonna go for PES soon.

  • juhhi

    Rubbish. They aren’t coming up with a new feature.

  • Jamie

    Can someone just tell me where it is please..