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EA SPORTS Football Club Announced At E3

In a largely familiar FIFA 12 presentation at E3 the jewel in the crown was without doubt the announcement of the EA SPORTS Football Club which takes the social FIFA experience online for everyone and thankfully for the first year it’s 100% free.

- Pick your home club, but play as any team to gain points for your team and climb up the leader boards. Everything players do will push the team they support to the top of the virtual league.

- Track your progress against friends across any platform. For the first time ever, everything that happens within EA Sports FIFA12 and against friends is measured in a meaningful way.

- Live service; allowing fans to connect and compete with fans around the world.

- Earn experience points and level up to build your status. Track friends, challenges and status through the web at

- Real-world storylines will drive content in EA Sports Football Club, making the game feel fresh and new all the time

We’ll bring you much more on this when the dust settles, but for now check out the EA SPORTS Flickr gallery HERE

And here’s an even better gallery over at Gamersyde

UPDATE: Matt Bilbey talks EA SPORTS Football Club on EAFootballWorld

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  • Allan

    Very very disapointed. Was hoping for “bigger” news such as dynamic weather or stadium editor but overall no big news. David when does the embargo ends so you can answer questions when you played Fifa 12? Cheers

  • Krash

    This is similar to to those WC2010 challenges. I loved them. I’ll likely love this too and with online? = can’t wait. Hope it’s designed and performs smoothly.

  • kady

    the ea sport president said that 4 game will have kinect support in 2012
    so fifa 12 will have kinect support or from the fifa 13 will be this feature?

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  • Tony

    So everyone wont pick their own clubs but will choose one of the big 5 i.e Chelsea,Barca,Madrid etc,how will this push the team they support to the top of the league.Lame lame lame presentation I just watched.Hopefully more gameplay details will emerge in next couple of days.

  • kenneth

    I where looking forward to this, but nothing new to the game.. dissapointed :/

  • Ty

    Ok people just seen FIFA 12 beta codes are out for 360, but after writing codes in .. Invalid ? Anybody else know about this ?
    I came across it by chance

  • Dilirium

    Get over to to see some additional Fifa My Stories pretty cool vid.

  • birdinho

    what they need to do is add in a champions league online tourney like they did with the world cup 2010 game.

  • Josh

    Rather than focusing on their flawed gameplay, they are introducing such an useless feature that no one really asked for? So much for listening to it’s community..

  • medley


  • Krash


    You really think they’ll take the E3 stage to talk about gameplay fixes? It won’t happen even if they have fixed every single issue. You ask why? Because E3 is about marketing and business and showing what new stuff you got to attract people, and this feature seems to fit that. Fixing issues and bugs isn’t for show floor and never will be (although it’s more important to us gamers than announcing new features).

  • Jegan

    I’m quite looking forward to this feature.

  • Sanvir

    What a useless feature, focus on the gameplay, game modes, bugs, before you go and do an unwanted feature that will only see the top teams hitting the leaderboards, due to the large fan base anyways, so it’s without doubt completely useless?

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