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EA SPORTS Sign ‘Unprecedented’ Man City Deal

Continuing today’s Man City theme, more news has rolled in about a huge FIFA 12 deal which will see the Premier Leagues newest Champions League outfit, substantially supported in FIFA 12. The deal certainly seems “unprecedented” and will include the following:

  • Full facial capture of the entire Man city Squad
  • The new Eithad stadium in FIFA 12
  • Exclusive MCFC match simulations
  • An exclusive and unique free club specific pack design

Wow, we’ve literally never seen anything like this before and for more details pop over to friends of FIFASoccerBlog, CVG.

But there’s more, using FIFA 12 as the vehicle Man City have virtually launched their new home kit on their official website.

Man City – FIFA 12 Video

Well, that was painful to write. So question time, would you like to see this for other clubs and is Man City the right choice?


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  • theirfan38

    Can someone very talented here and City fan, say me if the stadium we see in the trailer is exactly the same than the real one, and not like the Liverpool stadium or even the Bernabeu stadium which are horrific in the game and miles away from the real ones (crowd too much away from the pitch…)!!!!
    I give a lot importance to the stadiums!! cause they’re contribute to the atmosphere and to give some soul to fifa!!

  • Guilherme

    Zola, Flo, Vialli, it’s been several years since Chelsea deserved respect. I don’t think City even had anyone in the past 15 years that could be spoken of in the same manner as those 3 players.

  • shaun

    defo the stadiums need to be improved liverpool and the bernabeu and also wembley stadium is rubbish improvement should be made to them and also stamford bridge u can a grey bar when u get close to the lines and looks apoorling and fake

  • theirfan38

    For once we completely agree Shaun!!!
    forgot the Stamford Bridge!!
    aahahhaha actualy the only one stadium made perfectly is…Old Trafford!! Brilliant stadium!!I love to play there

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  • JoeTHFC

    I’m not really bothered by new stuff being added, it just makes beating them more fun.

  • bender

    allway england…

  • Daniel

    Spurs were in the Champions League for the first time last season and yet they had none of this new stuff, this is just unfair

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