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EASFC Catalogue Overview

FIFA 13 producer Matthew Lafreniere gives us a minute-and-a-bit run down of the EASFC Catalogue.

EA have served us up yet another video, this time detailing some of the things which will be on offer in the EASFC, with particularly focus on the new catalogue. Historic kits, celebrations, new boots, balls, and no doubt most controversially, Virtual Pro stat boosts, can all be purchased using EASFC credits.

Update: The Virtual Pro stat boosts allow, at a maximum, a +5 bonus to each attribute – they are made available as your EASFC level increases.

Take a look, and be sure to comment with your views.

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  • leigh

    wow yet another let down by EA

  • JBK

    would be nice if they included historic stadiums like Highbury and Old Wembley. Probably can’t because of licensing issues or something I guess

  • Wetpuppy22

    Will they be updating the catalogue throughout the year?

  • brian

    video clearly says boost to your career pro, which must be the career mode offline one, not the pro clubs online one.

    I’m so glad I can read and not assume.

  • Tom Moxey

    Historic stadiums would be nothing short of epic. Playing at Highbury would be amazing. It’s one of the only reasons why I whip out FIFA 2005.

    So this is free isn’t it? You just use your EA Sports points?

  • ooofster

    Are you able to use classic kits for that team whilst in h2h mode?? Or we thinking just exhibition and online friendly’s?

  • Ziechael

    @Tom Moxey:
    ‘Free’ is a relative term in games these days. You can purchase these items using points earned by playing and therefore free… but i’m sure these points can also be purchased therefore yet again providing an edge to those who are prepared to empty their bank accounts for the sake of a game that has a year worth of playability as a rule.
    Not that i’m a cynic ;)

  • CFCYank

    I believe you’re supposed to be able to use historic kits in all modes except UT. I know they’re available in Career mode from things I read.

  • mfmaxpower

    Has there been any news on changes/improvements to Creation Center? Did I miss it?

    Last year seemed pretty good except it caused all types of problems for people trying to use their created content in the game. I’d like to know whether at the minimum EA have improved CC’s basic performance and interaction with the game. Any news?

  • Marcus

    if you use a classic shirt, players should not wear new colorfull shoes .. looks quite poor on the screenshot with the Dortmund shirts

  • Benjamin from Denmark


    Holy crap that’s alot of money!

    Btw. can we change any players haircut in Career Mode???

  • carlos

    I think the EA could make a classic game with historical challenges

  • Pete – AKA QuestionBoy2o1o – Twitter

    I think EA should have historic teams! What about an Ultimate UT? Buy players like Solskjaer, Cole, Yorke, Flo, Zola, Keane, Wise SO MANY – Even Lineker, Gazza – they could make loads from it! Or at least like “United Treble winning team” “Liverpool Champ League Winning Team” they could absolutley unleash hell on Fifa if they could be bothered, I know they focus on online more than anything, but to not even have a 2 player career mode on 1 machine yet… COME ON SON!

  • Louie

    Is the easfc catalogue an online feature or is it online and offline you can use it I really want to know.

  • George Johnston

    If you buy a new pair of boots can you put them on your players in career mode ….. mid-career??

  • John

    DO i need XBOX live for this

  • declan

    will the easfc catalogue be updated with new items?

  • Cepezee9

    Wow this is all so amazing. It’s just too bad that EA servers suck. I just won my 100th match today yet still on level 9. How is that possible, well what is not mentioned in all the rave reviews is the fact u have a better shot pissn on a fly then u have getting any eas fc PTs after each match. I imagine if u play 1 min halves it may work, but the chances of staying connected to EAs server for more than 5 mins are as good as Cutler ever winning a Super Bowl.

  • http://twitter.com/Eoinreilly92 Eoin Reilly

    DO you need xbox live to acces the catologue?

  • Tom

    will all these boots be added to eas fc catologue on fifa 13 on xbox360 so can get the in my game.
    Nike GS Green Speed Concept II ACC Football Boots – White/Black
    Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Pro – Fireberry/Green/Red
    Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Boots – Sunset/Volt/Crimson/Black
    Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CR Boots – Blk/Wht/Pink/Blue
    Nike T90 Laser IV Boots – Volt/Black/Citron
    Nike CTR360 Maestri III Boots – Citrus/White/Black
    Nike Tiempo Legend IV – Black/White/Green
    Nike Tiempo Legend IV – White/Black/Crimson
    Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite – White/Green/Silver
    Puma evoSPEED 1 – Silver/Green
    Puma evoSPEED 1 – White/Silver
    Puma evoSPEED 1 Graphic – Yellow/Blue/Scarlet
    Puma evoSPEED 1 – Green/Blue/Yellow
    Puma evoSPEED 1 Ducati SL – Red/White/Lemon
    Puma Powercat 1 Graphic – Yellow/Blue/Scarlet
    Puma PowerCat 1.12 SL – Black/Green/Blue
    Puma King SL – Yellow/Black/White