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EASFC: More Details

Nice little article this from Matt Lafreniere, who is one of the lead EA SPORTS Football Club producers out in Canada. Since we interviewed the guys on EASFC last month and managed to eek out some more information, we’ve been waiting for another ‘official’ update and this article provides some brilliant news around the way XP and levelling will be handled in FIFA 12′s EASFC.

“So you don’t have to worry about Barcelona or Manchester United being at the top of their tables every day because they have the most supporters. It’s all about which club has the highest Average XP per supporter.”

Very good news indeed. Check out the rest of the article and more juicy EASFC details over at the EA SPORTS Football website.

Excited about this yet, or do we still need more to be convinced?

UPDATE: Oh and check this David Rutter interview out too, where he talks about EASFC.

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  • Aggaz

    Still no weather change for games so some stadiums only have dusk wot a load of rubbish simple thing like that cnt get right. Only got the liscences to brag about again fifa

  • http://me.com Man of The Hour

    A new player morale system? You mean the one that’s been in the game since 06, just to be taken out last year. LOL

  • Frederik the Dane

    The morale-system has to be paired with the Career Mode really. The new interactions with the players are new. You can’t deny that

  • Honome

    Great, another Rutter interview… Why the hell he appears more than the game itself every damn year?

  • http://mikeastuto@twitter.com Mike Astuto

    @Aggaz: Where did you hear anything about weather?

  • Isaiah

    Will we be able to strip the armband from certain players for not acting like a captain? cough John Terry style cough

  • sessho

    What about the actually online clubs? You know the whole 11v11 clubs… Has their been any news on anything?