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EASFC: More Details

Nice little article this from Matt Lafreniere, who is one of the lead EA SPORTS Football Club producers out in Canada. Since we interviewed the guys on EASFC last month and managed to eek out some more information, we’ve been waiting for another ‘official’ update and this article provides some brilliant news around the way XP and levelling will be handled in FIFA 12′s EASFC.

“So you don’t have to worry about Barcelona or Manchester United being at the top of their tables every day because they have the most supporters. It’s all about which club has the highest Average XP per supporter.”

Very good news indeed. Check out the rest of the article and more juicy EASFC details over at the EA SPORTS Football website.

Excited about this yet, or do we still need more to be convinced?

UPDATE: Oh and check this David Rutter interview out too, where he talks about EASFC.

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  • Smiley_Face

    Cheers, this was a good hear ;)

  • NuggetHead

    Need a lot more to be convinced!!

  • SEM

    on the background is the italian cover with ambrosini and…….
    on the left is on player of real madrid?because i see that gold on the shirt

  • http://mikeastuto@twitter.com Mike Astuto

    Im convinced. It’s free. Wort case scenario is, I ignore it completely with no consequences. Best case scenario is, its an awesome feature that really does evolve into the “heartbeat” of FIFA. Either way Im really looking forward to the real world match simulations. Loved it in WC10!

  • Fan

    So we will be able to see which set of fans use Barcelona the most online? Meh.

  • ian84

    Nice new feature…

    I want to share worst scenario just for fun.. XP = 1-10

    Liverpool (5 fans) :
    a. XP = 5
    b. XP = 5
    c. XP = 5
    d. XP = 5
    e. XP = 5
    Avg XP = 5

    a. XP = 9
    b. XP = 2
    c. XP = 1
    Avg XP = 4

    Liverpool XP > Everton XP, then Liverpool will be on top. But one of everton fan’s will do suicide, lol

  • Quentin

    @SEM, In the background that is the FIFA 12 French cover, with Mexes and Benzema on.

  • Francesco

    Thats not ambrosini its mexes

  • FaBeeZy

    It’s Mexes not ambrosini.

  • Richie


    You choose a club to support, and then ANY team you play as will give xp to the team you support :)

  • mfmaxpower

    EASFC is a feature I can imagine myself looking at once and then never again, with the exception being possibly the storyline challenges. While providing creative ways to earn XP is an intriguing idea, I see the connection of XP to your personal favorite club as being an illogical and pointless relationship. They need a better incentive to earn XP for me to be interested in this. Why in world would I care which club’s fans earns the most XP in FIFA?

  • Ross

    So we’ve agreed it’s mexes and benzema but why is the stadium the emirates?

  • http://www.youtube.com/ClutchHunter ClutchHunter

    Complete waste of development time and resources, tbh. They need to fix and improve on what we already have, not implement unnecessary things like this that will be completely ignored come November.

  • Fan


    Exactly, so you choose your club then whore Barcelona online to rack up the points. Therefore propelling your club to the top.

    I understand this won’t be a clear indicator of those playing purely as Barcelona, Real, Chelsea. But not a bad indicator considering the amount of people who you meet on the day to day basis playing as those clubs.

  • R2

    I really don’t get this feature. EA is going back to their gimmicky ways of old

  • Guilherme


    Without implementing these things they won’t have anything to put their hype media marketing strategy in place, avoiding showing fixes for past problems and instead overhype “new” and new features (some not being features, just gimmicks).

    EA will really have to earn my money this year and if they do, it will likely have to be for $44 dollars or less.

  • shaun

    does all teams have a background like the wayne rooney 1 for a man united fan. So say if u support west bromwich albion will they have a player from their team, for an example Peter Odemwingie. because the background ent gunna look good if it just high rated teams. I am pleased to see these developments and more variety over the coming year instead of career mode been repetitive and boring. so all good for meeeeeeeeee

  • Keloo

    Me too mate. There are many new features that FIFA 12 brings these year, impact engine, precision dribbling, tactical defending, better career mode, new commentary, animations, and now EAsports football club, I’m pretty excited, and I can’t wait to play it.

    And all finally on PC, with better graphics.

    Already preordered it for like 30 euros, so it’s like bang for the buck :D

  • Keloo

    this *

  • Jade

    This is weak, PES are improving at a faster rate and adding new features, fifa better blow me away or else, PES is gonna win it this year.