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Emile Heskey Responsible For FIFA 13 Bugs

Well, well, well just when all the blame for FIFA 13′s issues was mounting at EA’s door it in fact turns out that the culprit behind all these issues is actually cult hero Emile Heskey. Well, sort of…

Since Emile’s surprise move to the Newcastle Jets in Australia’s A-League fan power forced EA to get the comedy striker back in to FIFA’s player roster and they kindly obliged via an in-game roster update. However since that update even more issues were experienced by you guys which has resulted in Heskey being removed from the game.

“We discovered that our recent player roster update, which launched on October 26th, created a significant freezing issue in Career Mode. To ensure a better experience for all fans, we’ve removed players included in the latest roster update from FIFA 13. Unfortunately, that update included two notable players: Emile Heskey and Allesandro Del Piero.”

We’ll let you guys make your own minds up on this one but we’ll have some “actual” news concerning a new FIFA 13 patch coming up shortly.

Source: EA Forums

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  • janomahen

    Does this mean I need to start my career again? I started it with this update, I’m at the end of great first season, I scouted a beast but I do get at least one freeze a day.

  • David Bryant

    Details on patch 2 coming up soon mate, trying to find out whether existing game saves are fixed or not :S

  • Anonymous

    How slack, instead of actually finding the root of the problem they remove the two best players in the A-League this season because they think no one will care enough. If they don’t bring them back this is a joke as both players should have been ready for the on-disc release!

  • Freddy Novantaquattr

    if u don’t restart, at the start of the 2nd year, your consolle will freeze

  • janomahen

    Sucks. Also, Edgar Davids was in this update :/

  • McRobinho

    This proves that racism is alive and well in football, Time for the Ferdinands to setup a black PA and go after EA :)

  • Reg

    So this means if I start again, for the sixth time, it wont freeze this time?

  • Tom Mills


  • Steve Sellen

    Is there any update on this? When will they be added back in? Will any career modes started with them in ever work? I played a whole season as a player!

  • disqus_FYgjBAfuWN

    That’s ridiculous, why EA can delete the famous player so easily, instead of find out the root problem of freeze. On the other hand, if I start to new career after the new update and next time EA added these 2 players back to the game………..I need to open a new career again ? How come EA………….What’s wrong with you.

  • Joel Piggott

    That’s complete bullshit. I don’t play online so I won’t be updating my squads… I’m a Newcastle Jets fan and Heskey is a gun.
    It was freezing WAY BEFORE the roster update. EA are completely full of shit.

  • Lee
  • s.alkhaldi

    I forgot the answer to the secret question FIFA Ultimate Team just remembered the word secret and has failed at times before what should I do?

  • phillip reynolds

    Really EA, Really?