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Euro 2012 Roster Update Available Now

With the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament due to kick-off this Friday, EA SPORTS have released a roster update for FIFA 12′s DLC updating all the competing nations squads .

The update is available now across all platforms so get yourself online and start your UEFA Euro 2012 journey with the actual squads being used at this year’s tournament. Yes that means Downing, Carroll and… Henderson England fans. Lucky us.




Recently EA SPORTS predicted Germany as this year’s tournament winners.

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  • Brendan

    Haven’t played it since 1st week. Terrible DLC.

  • sam

    yep double that

  • mak

    terrible not gonna bother

  • John Terry

    yes, its fugly

  • sam

    haha everyone just loves it


  • Hugh17

    I can’t believe i was stupid enough to buy this half-arsed cobbled together excuse of downloadable content. EA need to realize that while they are making millions they are gaining a reputation as one of the worst gaming developers simply because of their disturbing greed. This is why i wish sports interactive developed fifa games

  • Michael

    I’ve been buying Fifa, happily, pretty much since the beginning, and I have always enjoyed what they’ve put out. But this DLC is hands down the worst FIFA related product I have ever experienced. I was aware that there had been no changes to the gameplay mechanics, but the game itself is riddled with flaws and glitches. Aside from the numerous freezes, faults and options, these roster updates even seem to have problems. I started a tournament with the new update and after one game, the rosters in the tournament squads had reverted to the original ones(!?!?). Then, after another game, they were half-and-half with both the original and updated squads(!!!!!!!??????????). Not to mention when I played Spain, every single player on their team was Jesus Navas. Also, it seems that regardless of anything, the results in all of the Euro tournament games are pre-programmed for simulated games, meaning I have always ended up playing the Netherlands in the final, with them defeating Sweden in the semi, etc, every time!!!!!!!!!!

  • pedroaido

    anyone can share a link with the pc roster update for manual installation? can’t seem to download it

  • Paul

    They can stick it up their arse.

  • saleh

    yes please a link for the updated squad would be appreciated