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Euro 2012 – Twitter Q&A

Shortly after the Euro 2012 announcement yesterday, UEFA EURO 2012 producer Sebastian Enrique used the EA Sports FIFA Twitter Acct to field some questions regarding the upcoming DLC.

Here’s what he had to say…

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  • Chris

    I was sold on this right up to the point I learned there is no qualification mode for offline play. Now I don’t see the point.

  • Danny

    Will the euro dlc bring new players to career mode or would it be the same?


    @chrishaigh chris i have to agree it does seem like they have thought “ohh shit we aint done the game yet, lets just throw a load together and hope for the best.”

    It a disgrace, Ea sports and should be ashamed, they are the main sort of sponsor for fifa with the whole gaming front, let be honet it gives people the worst opinion of football and io bet the fucking copa america or they american version of euro 2012 is going to be good where as we should have a ea in Europe so we get a decent game for once, americans dont even call it the proper thing so why should they make it

  • Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

    No qualifications? But… that’s the best part of EURO/World Cup tournaments! :( the feeling, the intense of every game.. every point is important… playing home, going to other country for a away game..

    Playing on EURO for some countries is like biggest thing ever, they go there and even if they loose – they’re ok with it, them being there is already a big thing, BUT – when the same underdog country qualifies itseflf on a big competition like that, the whole country celebrates!!!!!! WE WANT THAT !
    without that in a game, it’s not simulation. Sorry EA, but it’s just an arcade.