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FIFA 11 UT Now Available

Welcome to the FSB Ultimate Team Launch Day post. If you want to know when FIFA 11′s latest game mode is available on Xbox 360 and PS3 then this is the place to be my friends. We’ll be updating this post throughout the day with all the latest FIFA 11 Ultimate Team download information and news so keep checking back regularly. You wouldn’t want to miss anything, would you?

Remember FIFA 11 Ultimate Team is completely free this year and its rather fun as well so there are literally no excuses. Also make sure you login to the FIFA 11 UT Web Application today to see if you’ve managed to squeeze in one last free gift (FIFA UT 09/10 required) before launch.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Web

General UT News:

The FIFA 11 Ultimate Team: Team of the Week

Xbox 360 News:

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Playstation 3 News:

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team is now available on the PSN store.

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  • Fezile

    I have a massive bug that has changed all the players names. Arshavin has changed to Artell, Fabregas has changed to Fahid and every other player on the game has the wrong name.

    It’s completely unplayable. Don’t really know what to do now?

  • Valanthe

    Just to point out if anyone hasn’t noticed yet, I’m still logging back on to the on-line application every day and getting free gifts, this is as of 05/11/10.

    I find the on-line trading easier and just happened to notice this.

  • Tom Mills

    Yep, same thing here Valanthe. Got more bid tokens today.

  • Tom Mills

    Fezile, is that in game or on the web? or both?

  • Fezile

    @Tom It’s in the game not online. I had a few online matches yesterday and it was fine but the rest of the game is still messed up.

  • Tom Mills

    @Fezile, weird, i take it the stats and stuff are the same? just the names that change?

    Xbox or ps3?

  • morbofct

    Why FIFA 11 Japanese version is not available?
    FIFA 10 is also not available.
    EA JAPAN is fool?

  • Fezile

    @Tom PS3

  • Fezile

    @Tom Everything is the same but all the names are wrong. This happened after I downloaded UT.

  • jonathan

    i go on to fucking UT on my computer its ses i got loads of my layers in the trade pile. soo i try either send them to my club, put them up for sale or discard them. its says i doo not own them.. then i go onto fifa Ut on my xbox and i dont even have any of the players. wtf is happening! :(

  • Pretty Vacant

    @Fezile, I’m having the same problem, the data is fine and the saved games and online is fine but since I downloaded UT all the players names have changed… Is there a way to fix this???

  • Liam

    I have the exact same problem once i downloaded ultimate team the names have changed its so annoying! Where is the fix!!!!???

  • feverdal

    i also have the same problem, names are messed up somebody help!!

  • Nathan

    I have same problem names are all messed up !!!!!