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FIFA 12: Barcelona vs Real Madrid

It’s common knowledge that Barcelona and Real Madrid are way up there with the most used teams online, but this video shows just how much they’re used.

Ahead of the first El Clasico of the season, EA have put together this stats trailer. It has some interesting nuggets of information in it, including the fact that between them, the two teams have clocked up a combined 1885 years of online play. Mental.

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  • Jubal c

    Tonight’s match is going to be awesome!!!

  • sclap

    messi new hair????

  • Rutter To Fix PES

    Great vid, Fifa’s presentation has finally got up to standard with the rest of the gaming world.

  • Mike Astuto

    I would like to say in my history of owning FIFA and playing online I have never once used Barcelona, Madrid, or Spain.

  • ssss

    messi on this vid heave new faces

  • Keloo

    Does he have his “new face” in the game also? Has anyone checked ?

  • George

    hey guys!im playing fifa ultimate team and i have a problem with my tactic buttons.when i play tactics are changing by their own,like off side trap,swap wings i doing something wrong?how can i fix it??

  • dfgs

    hala madrid

  • ||CR7||

    Can anyone check on messi’s new face?? is it going to be added in a update or something? anyone that can answer on this?

  • Dan

    1885 years of online play, in just 2 months and 9 days, OH MY GOD!!!

  • qO_ol

    @ 0:56…”WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?”

    personally, any side that doesn’t have a 5-star rating, even if i like the team(s) irl.
    EA, you still don’t reward people for using weaker teams.

  • Tom Mills

    @dan and that’s just 2 teams….

  • sclap


    força barça!!!

  • BarcaBoaby

    VISCA BARCA from Glasgow!!!!

  • Erik

    I’m Arsenal. 4-EVER.

  • TRS-T

    Barca have more fans than Real on Support Your Club?

  • jperkovic

    @ TRS-T – yes,but I want to know what team has the most fans? I thought it is Barca,but in trailer it says that Barca is 2nd and Madrid 3rd,what team is 1st?

  • Tom Mills

    @jperkovic i’d imagine if it’s not one of those two it’s man utd

  • Rutter To Fix PES

    The Ronaldo is the best player on the planet are very quiet after this game lol

  • TRS-T

    @ jperkovic

    I checked on PS3 Support Your Club the other day and the figures were

    1.Manchester United – 449,857 fans
    2. Barcelona – 331,614 fans
    3. Arsenal – 326,436 fans
    4. Real Madrid – 283,498 fans
    5. Liverpool – 217,073 fans
    6. Chelsea – 189,552 fans
    7. Bayern Munich – 118,299 fans