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FIFA 12 Career Mode: Form & Morale

As you may have have gathered from Myself and Tom’s Career Mode impressions, we’re very excited about offline FIFA 12 modes this year and in my eyes certainly, Creative Director Simon Humber can literally do no wrong as he’s ended three years of personal torment. The video below takes us through the new form, morale and player energy systems which are all revamped for FIFA 12.

Other obvious things to look out for are the incredibly polished menu design, the player stories which pop up throughout Career Mode, the new Squad Report screens (Anelka/Benayoun) and the new colour coded player attributes.

We’re expecting more FIFA 12 Career Mode videos to follow this one, so watch this space.

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  • Keloo

    Well, all I can say about the endless, pointless “fifa vs PES” war, is that I’ve played and still playing PES 2012 demo, and I’m really enjoying it, it’s much more fun then last years game, but I can’t say anything about FIFA, because I haven’t played it yet.

    It sure sounds great, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna spend a lot of time playing the career mode this year. It’s a much more deeper experience, give more realism to the game.

  • Jee

    career mode looks awesome this year, from the injuries, stories, and transfers this year will blow the competition out of the park… (yes i’ve played the other demo, and guess what, went back to my fifa 11) whether people like it or not, fifa has definitely offered the better product in the last few years (you don’t break sales records with a crappy product). FSB has a lot of respect for Humber, so hopefully he is the right man to bring more improvements to Career Mode.

  • Markov


    Not all of us can afford to buy two football games. I’m sorry if not having much money makes me stupid. Since when did having money justify someone’s intelligence.

  • Merritt

    They are reintroducing morale. This is an old feature cut from last year. I am a bit perturbed by the fact that they are basically putting back in removed elements and marketing them as new features.

  • Adam

    Can anyone inform me at 0: 41 it says press X to talk to press under the upcoming matches, will that mean the manager can have a press conference or what?

  • baylee

    cant wait i love career mode bring it out now lol

  • Pacheco

    Let’s hope it is implemented in a sensible way, because if it’s the kind of thing where a player misses one match and starts complaining, and this happens with every one who is on the bench… we’ll be getting a lot of emails…

    Also, I hope they have a lot of different sentences for the same action/reaction, otherwise it will feel like we are always reading the same things.

  • Chris

    One thing I’d really like to see in career mode is the ability to request a manager job at several clubs. The options in the current format are almost non-existent.

    If I can get Bradford into the premiership, I shouldn’t be looking at offers from lower league teams. Give me the option to ask for clubs and make my own path. I’d like to start at other clubs and move to Bradford after the first season, but the chance of even being asked is slim to none.

  • Mark

    Biggest question has to be, is the league table going to resemble real life in CM this year?

    It doesn’t matter about anything else, as if the table is still unrealistic, everything else makes no difference.

    And are the fixtures realistic? Not repeated in the same order like in 11?


  • Pacheco

    Good question about the fixtures. That was so anoying… how difficult can it be to put in a random calendar?

    More important, is it any fun to play against the AI?

  • fisu

    This new manager mode seems very refreshing overall.

    Those player photos look so half-assed, it would be a good idea if they were standardised like in NHL, official bio pics or whatever.

  • sf

    The overall look has me even more hyped for the release. The player morale, the player form, the player’s stat card, etc. Looks really great.