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FIFA 12 Career Mode: Form & Morale

As you may have have gathered from Myself and Tom’s Career Mode impressions, we’re very excited about offline FIFA 12 modes this year and in my eyes certainly, Creative Director Simon Humber can literally do no wrong as he’s ended three years of personal torment. The video below takes us through the new form, morale and player energy systems which are all revamped for FIFA 12.

Other obvious things to look out for are the incredibly polished menu design, the player stories which pop up throughout Career Mode, the new Squad Report screens (Anelka/Benayoun) and the new colour coded player attributes.

We’re expecting more FIFA 12 Career Mode videos to follow this one, so watch this space.

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  • David Bryant

    @Benjamin tbh I’m with you guys in being a little cautious because last year was so, so bad. As I said in my impressions FIFA 11 CM is probs a 3/10 where as FIFA 12 CM with what we played was a good 7/10.

    Just think we need to have an open mind until the game is out there what I’m 100% confident about though is the man in the post title and that he can deliver year on year progression.

    Simons first CM so we should try and judge it individually.

  • Berlim

    i dnt understand people these days lol they dont know what they want :/ carer mode looks decent and fun and i think this will be the best fifa surely and pro is good but not good enough shots is horrible the keepers are crap the rest is ok supose next year pro will start getting closer not this year but i do like pro im geting it i used to be a fan boy :P

  • Berlim

    david ino this is out of topic but are the faces more realistic? like neymar lukaku hulk players that last year werent let me know please :( :D

  • Richie

    I love ALL the new features I am seeing, I am just worried because in an official video from EA, we see a player moaning that he doesn’t get enough playing time, when only one match has passed.

    Hopefully they used dev tools or whatever it is they use, to deliberately put up the message for the video. Because if that happens to me in the game, I will cry.

    I am sooo excited and happy about Fifa 12, but after last year, I am not yet confident in EA.

    Hopefully, (And probably), they will prove me wrong!

  • JSHolmesy

    Looking at the clip of Anelka being very unhappy at not playing, it doesn’t actually show how many games have been played by Chelsea, it just shows that Anelka has only played one. So he may have been left out of 20 games only playing one.

  • Richie

    You are actually totally correct. I apologize, I’m just going to shut my mouth and wait for the game :)

  • Tom Collins

    Career Mode looks alot better. There’s no doubt about it but hopefully they still continue to improve it every year and not leave it to one side like it seems in previous FIFA’S

  • Big red

    Why are people getting excited over Aggregate scores being in? as if that is the soul reason for buying the game! im sorry but after countless years of being let down by the fifa franchise i do not want to have the attitude of “lets wait till its released to find out” becuase I refuse to spend my money on a wing and a prayer!

  • J Anthony

    Is shaktar Donesk in the game?

  • Universal

    Been playing the Pro Evo demo all week. I think I’m going back this year. Sorry guys. Good to see that FIFA is focussing on the career mode, but we all know their history. Even if it’s bug free this year, they have to get the feel of individual players right and the AI spot on for the career mode to really succeed. When buying and adding new players to my squad in career mode, it doesn’t make much of a difference. As stats increase, you become a better squad but you don’t really feel how important an individual player is to your squad. Anyone know what I mean? Besides, dribbling, power and pace, players don’t feel like individuals and that is what they promised to improve on FIFA 11 and they haven’t.

    In fact, when first reading about the next gen FIFA series back in 2006, they said with the amount of power they had with the new systems, they’d be able to produce next gen AI so players like Lampard and Gerrard play like their real life counterparts. It just hasn’t happened and the AI is still pretty poor. The animations and are great but underneath it is still lacking and from the videos I’ve seen, it looks like it’s the same story.

  • Keloo

    Jesus, some of you are bug freaks. I mean, all you are looking for is bugs, bugs, bugs. After a very short video, you’ve already spotted a few bugs. LOL, seriously ? Then after 1 hour of playtime you’ll spot, a hundred, two, perhaps ? You don’t know how the players will react, and in what circumstances was that video taken. I mean do you really take for granted every screenshot that you’ve seen in a 1 minute video ? You don’t know if THAT particular screen showing you that Anelka wants to play more is made specifically for this video, nor on which season is that. Maybe it was after a season, something like that, not right after the frist match. Stop being so cynical, and pessimistic.

  • Keloo

    P.S: I always like that someone has to come and say how amazing PES 2012 is, and that he “is sorry” but he won’t go for fifa this year. Like we care…

    I want to see the opposite happening on the winning eleven blog.

    And yeah, I’ve also played PES 2012, and I enjoyed it alot.

  • Krash

    Well said, Keloo.

  • clive

    with the aggregate stuff. does this mean it’ll display on the score bar in the second leg of games in career mode?

    also, dave, did you notice the league table being realsitic in Career mode? thanks.

  • David Bryant

    @Keloo @Universal keep it friendly please, no problem with heated debate but keep it constructive.

    This post is about FIFA 12 Career Mode: Form and Morale, please stay on topic :)


  • http://fifsoccerblog nicko

    when transfer deadline days comes on carrer mode does medicals come when there on the verge of moveing

  • Markov


    I don’t think there are any PES fanboys on here. I think most take an interest in both and compare which they feel has progressed the most, which means they give an honest opinion. It’s just some prefer Fifa and others prefer PES.

    To be fair I thought Fifa WC was the best football game ever made, but I think PES will be better this year. I’ve been fifa since 09, but this year I will also be changing back. I go with what I feel is the best football game and that’s what Universal is saying. Fifa has come along way, but they’ve dropped the ball and PES is now running with it again.

    If Fifa gets back in front I will change sides again.

  • Champions67

    @markov why are people like you so stupid?why doesn’t everyone just buy both?Only buying the one that is “running with the ball” has got to be most stupid thibg I have ever heard,I buy both every year and play them both,if i’m in the mood for pes ill play pes and if im in the mood for fifa ill play fifa.Simple.

  • Tom Mills

    @nicko no medicals, that isn’t a part of signing a player, first you agree a fee with the selling club and then personal terms with the player.

  • kenneth

    I hope the career mode works this year.. but again it could be difference who player get unhappy first if they dont play?? the star players of course because he is a star, and reserve players dont need to be in the starten eleven that often.. can you choose your players status??? anybody knows`????????? like in fottball manager..

    But im glad there is depth in the game, applaus to that, but it also have to work right.. anything else would be stupid..
    So if a player gets angry after playing out for one or two matches, then its ruin all the career mode..