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FIFA 12 Celebrations Tutorial

Ever wondered how to do the standing archer, double back flip or side slide goal celebrations in FIFA 12? Well good news because a rather awesome tutorial video has hit You Tube courtesy of awesomePCgames showing you how to perform all 40 of the goal celebrations available in FIFA 12.

Slightly ironic that the celebrations are being performed by Arsenal players, but don’t let that spoil the vibe…

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  • stef fox

    @n8 Get on to ea forums and suggest it :)

  • Markus

    What is wrong with Van Persie’s face in that picture? hope all player faces are not as shabby as that.

  • Nick

    Good video.. cuz I left for PES last year and forgot how to celebrate when I got back.

  • Nick

    Question to those from UK:

    What do you folks in UK think of Alan Smith as a commentator? I’m asking because he sounds extrememly monotone in FIFA12 demo and I also felt he mumbles quite a bit. (Dear Mates!!! I’m not dissing british accent… I’m fine with other commentators’ accent.. even Mr. David Rutter’s… just pointing out his way of talking as a professional commentator)

    Does he talk like this during real broadcast? and if so, people have no problem with it?

    No doubt Alan Smith is a well mannered man than – you know who – and has a great football knowledge. But he’s so monotone and mumbles….. I hated professors like that back in school…

  • joe

    cheers @N8 laddddd

  • SalfordRed89

    You can also view how to do them and the running celebration in game. Just press pause > settings > controls > celebration controls (or something like that!)

  • Danu

    @Nick much rather have Alan Smith over Gray, I know he doesn’t have the greatest voice but it sounds like there’s going to be a generally more upbeat commentary more like in FifaWC2010. Hoping the commentary will be well integrated in the career mode as promised. I know there’ll still be some of the same old mistakes but so far so good imo

  • kenneth

    i just want realistic celebrations.. dont care what kind of celebrations you can do.. where is the celebrations between 4 or 5 players together like in real life?? make them even more realistic next year! Its better, but still needs improvement.. bad song in this video too!

  • Kiry

    Oh come on…when Gervinho celebrates his goal, there should be at least 6 or 7 players come to him…and cheers…saw that only him celebrating alone…stupid lah…;-P

  • Chris

    I count 39!

  • Larry David

    I wish FIFA would show personalised player celebrations if left alone.

  • saladyears

    I want to see the “fishing” celebration from the Icelandic league:

  • BNZ

    i fink fifa need to turn up the cheers from the away fans, when they score you can hardly hear anything.

  • Nick

    Fifa is the better game no doubt but the celebrations in PES show much more emotion… I think this is a definite improvement for next year

  • VanCityVilla

    I want to see the “fishing” celebration from the Icelandic league:

    We tried to get that in for FIFA 12 but it was cut early in the project. We’ll try to work it in for FIFA 13 thou :)