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FIFA 12 Creation Centre *Update*

Big day for FIFA 12 online content as we see the launch of the updated apps for both Ultimate Team and Creation Centre.

As anyone who has logged into Creation Centre recently will be aware, the changes are as follows…

  • Create a Tournament/League
  • Ability to use custom images as team crest and shirt sponsor
  • More shirt models and colours to choose from
  • More appearance options to choose from
  • More accessories
  • Ability to use licensed players, teams and stadiums

Although, some of those will be subject to holding an EA Sports Season Ticket. Boo.

We’re expecting it to come at the same time as the UT update, which will be some time after 5pm GMT.

We’ll be Creating an Official FSB team once the app is live, watch this space.

*UPDATE*: Due to¬†unforeseen circumstances FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and Creation Centre have been unable to launch as planned. There is no ETA on a fix at this time, but we’ll keep you updated as and when they come online. Frustrating we know, but please try to remain patient, thanks.

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  • Jack

    Does anyone know whether the created team/players/leagues will be available without an internet connection on this years game?

    Last year I spent ages creating a team and players to fill it, downloaded them to my PS3 but lost them when my PS3 wasn’t connected to the internet – unfortunately I am very rarely in a position where I can have my playstation connected to my internet.

  • Champions67

    @Aggaz I have played pes, I have played the demo for around a week now and it doesn’t even compare to FIFA.Its like a bunch of robots running around in unrealistic ways/

  • dudej

    To many limitation. U have to have 8 teams minimum in a created league, and you have to pick the teams there and then. Uber gay. What if i want a league of about 6 like in a euro qualifies. Bah

  • Bogster

    does anyone know if you can link an EA account to both your Xbox and PSN identities?

  • aggaz

    Well champions67 ive played fifa and its still slow as ever takes about half n hour to slide tackle and the time you get near the ball your getting a yellow card for tripping a player up. Plus Gervinho looks like rampage jackson with dreads

  • j Anthony

    how do you use created teams IE shaktar in your manager mode?

  • aggaz

    Atleast PES and konami arent going to have these problems like useless EA are having with creation centre etc

  • Alex Kean

    If a league is created in the creation center, and a team gets promoted, can they progress to the next league.

    For example, If the Blue Square conference in the English leagues is set up, and a team is promoted, is there any way they can progress to the English 3rd division (Npower league 2) or is achieving top of the league as far as it can go?

  • nilesh

    anyone know how to create a team in fifa 12