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FIFA 12: Demo Faces have gone to the painstaking trouble of capturing all of the player faces from the demo.

So if you still don’t have it, or you just want to see how the player models are shaping up this year, head over there and take a look.


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  • The_Portuguese_Killer

    Player faces are better but still terrible compared with PES.
    Cesc Fabregas still in Arsenal?

  • Jee

    cesc will be in barca in the actual game… faces look amazing in Fifa

  • Paul

    I think the faces are pretty stellar and that they’re in line with the graphical look they’re going for w/ the game. Also, demo rosters were current as of a certain date, hence you see Cesc and Nasri at Arsenal but Clichy at City. Two things though:

    1) What is up with Szczesny’s face? It really looks horrible. Don’t make me play my season w/ Almunia! (Ok, that won’t happen, but still…)
    2) If you watch the Skills Tutorial video, Ibrahimovic has a pony tail but he doesn’t in the demo. Not sure if this is an example of early/later game builds or if multiple hairstyles exist (doubtful)

  • Niclas Sweden

    Gervinho, Koscielny, Frimpong, Szczesny, Jenkinson, Pedro, Busquets, Sanchez etc. No face/head treatment at all..? If this does not change in the real game then I am very very dissappointed.

    As well as Ibrahimovis who looks the same as the last two games, but what about the pictures I’ve seen on him with the new hair, fake or what?

    Starheads is among the most important aspect of a football game and I always get’s disappointed on FIFA regarding this, it is always to few great players who are not “made”!

  • Champions67

    FSB,is there any way you guys could get a list of the teams that have been face scanned?

  • Niclas Sweden

    EDIT; it is always to few great players who have been given a starhead!

  • Redskull

    Dudes if you create an American PSN account ( new user ps3) you can have the demo now!! ( if you can’t wait ) well you could’ve had it from 4am like me lol anyway setting up an USA account takes 5 mins you need a new E-mail address which you can get from yahoo or hotmail ( can’t use your existing e-mail account) and a fake American address using a real US postal code ( 10015 is new york) lol pick a new ID name and then your straight!!! Lol

  • http://www.po...thisisgettingold Diego Maradona

    Aguero deserves a better face to be honest. Anyways, EA has doen a solid job overall this year.

  • KellmanX

    The players that got the face scan treatment look fantastic! Others? Well they look so poor it just take away the “realism” imo. Its a consistency thing really! In pes most faces look great, and those that dont, you can either build or use a face-scan to make that player look better.
    Worst face in the demo? Szczesny by far!! His face just shows everything thats wrong with the generic faces, and its a real shame we cant do anything about it :(

  • anthonyOA

    Very solid this year. it looks much better on my telly. Shame about the obviously missing stars.

  • Nick

    Anyone notice the during the goal celebration, all they show is the player’s face now? The face scan tech is good and all but not all players faces are fantastic enough to be so close all the time. Is this a bug? I used to like watching goal celebs but not anymore….

  • Nik

    I’m quite sure Sanchez, Busquets, Pedro etc will have their faces, the demo is an old build.

    They already showed the updated version of Ibra with his pony tail they wouldn’t leave such a popular team as Barca with their star players looking like that again

  • Ben

    Sanchez, Busquets, and Pedro’s player faces are awful, simple as that, Quite disapointed with Valbuena and a few others. I mean the top quality players overalled 80 and above should at least have player faces.
    The arsenal ones are also quite shocking aswell as some have been done and others haven’t djourou’s hair is the same as last year, he changed it A long time ago, szczesny, one of the most promising young goal keepers has no player face yet manuel Almunia does. Gervinho, which at one point looked to be arsenal’s biggest signing of the season hasn’t got a player face. It will be really annoying to see other teams with updated player faces and others without. Look at Man city’s every single player, even the ones on the bench is spot on. A little concistency would be nice.

  • joe

    man city player faces look very good. messi looks sickk aswell & jack wilshere looks real as

  • joe

    just hope J.Enrique M.Skrtel Lucas A.carroll & Luis Suarez look real.

  • joe

    & Charlie Adam

  • iMilansta

    guys Ibra if you download the demo from uk account he has a pony tail, i download it from my us account and he looks like ibra in fifa 11 so disappointing so now i deleted it and im downloading it from the uk account.

  • kasperhansen92

    How can you say faces are great for those who had the face tech ?

    Maybe the shape is great but texture cant be more far from reality.

    Its not the faces that makes or break a game, but ea dont seem to get this right at any time.

  • Jay

    Terrible fifa 11 was hard to grasp on to after fifa 11 but 12 is a whole new ball game, LITERALLY, the game from the demo will not be better, its not long before people expose the downsides to this and will have another year before it is sorted. A game is a game fifa is not meant to be super realistic just fun to play.

  • Mert

    @Jay: I am not quite sure what you are saying. Are you complaining about the faces or the game play?