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FIFA 12 English Commentators Revealed

After the controversy with Andy Gray at the back end of last season it was inevitable that he would be cut from the FIFA 12 commentary roster due to the nature of his indiscretion.  But the whole situation for EA was far from ideal because Mr Gray and his partner in crime Martin Tyler were embedded in the FIFA franchise having invested hours upon hours of lines and quips, over the last few years.

But sometimes a forced change is a good as any, which is why we’re pleased to announce that the English commentators for FIFA 12 are…

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith

You can listen to the guys introducing themselves HERE.

UPDATE: Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend have been confirmed as the second English commentary team available in FIFA 12, so you now have choice between a brand new duo or some old FIFA World Cup 2010 friends, brilliant.

Huge news this, happy with the choice EA have made?

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  • yella

    Clive T and Andy T is amazing, the world cup was by far the best and brought the game alive audio wise. Andy T would always sound natural to how he is irl and didnt make his clips sound stocked, monotonic or random. The only negative, im pretty sure that EA will charge for them and give Martin T and Alan S for free. They do this with every other additional feature possible.

    It will probably be only 99 to 2.99 pounds buts still, thanks EA its not like we are already paying 45-55 for fifa 12 because of that ea sports football club poo-fest is bundled in.

    Greedy EA as usual. The only reason ultimate team was free last year is because Konami released MLO for free to their fans, and EA got worried it might influence and convert fans, so they crapped their pants as it might reduce potential income.

    I don’t want to so sound bitter or “hating” but each time a mode or feature is included on a EA game, it’s another ways for the fat cats to fill their pockets. No rewards for their fans who buy their games each year, just money spinning ideas. The new impact engine and features better be as gamechanging and live upto the hype as possible or i will be fully converted back to pro evo.

  • Tom

    I HATE ALAN SMITH!!! I was praying they wouldn’t pick him and although i was a little disappointed that Clive was back at least it wasn’t smith!! I bloody love martin tyler as well so its gunna be rubbish that i have to drop him just because that moron is on the game.

    Even if clive and co. cost a £5 im downloading them straight away.

    Do one Smith with your pissing speech impediment!

  • http://fifavsproevo.blogspot.com/ Pazz

    That should be interesting lets hope it sounds good. But i gotta say i will miss Andy Grays commentary. Lets hope it works

  • Tony

    Alan Smith?? are u kiddin me? Mr anti charisma.Great profit move by EA tho as you know everyone is goin to download Clive and Andy because of this!!

  • Spanglish

    Oh God not Alan Smith. He’s one of those english guys who pronounce R’s as W’s.

    This twain is bound for Heafwo
    Just grweat!

  • ThickMuppets

    God, such ignorant comments assuming and getting the assumptions wrong.

  • David Bryant

    Guys I think this is sort of the point of having two commentary teams, if you don’t like one duo you have the other….

    Seems fairly straight forward to me.

  • ShakesUK

    I think it’s great, I missed having the choice (think they did it a few years ago). Alan smith is a decent choice imo and I only disliked Andy Gray in the Tyler/Gray duo. I’ll definitely be picking up the extra commentary though, a years a long time to listen to the same lines over and over. Let’s hope this means the in-game store is going to be a bit more rife with DLC this year.

  • theirfan38

    When you think that some guys here are ready to pay extra for commentaries…
    I understant now the money policy from EA…

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  • Super Mario

    Even if we have to pay extra i’d be happy, it would be the first FIFA add-on id be willing to pay extra for.

    I just like the idea of being able to choose Tyler and Smith for League and League Cup games and Tyldesley and Townsend for Europe, FA Cup and International games

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  • http://me.com Man of The Hour

    Won’t it be weird having the FIFA WC Commentary during a club match in career mode?

    I doubt EA got new commentary audio from the second pair

  • joebowlr21

    They should have gottenthe anouncers from GolTV….ray has the best anouncing around….doesn’t make u fall asleep like all the english anouncers

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