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FIFA 12: Gameplay From gamescom *Updated*

We’re expecting tonnes (possible exaggeration) of videos to make their way onto the internet today. So we thought we’d try and keep them all in one place. Expect this post to be regularly updated throughout the day, hopefully we can embed them all, but that’s not always the case.

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Credit to FIFA Benelux


Another video has appeared on YouTube, this one shows the new match setup screen. Thanks to Juli in the comments.

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Thanks to JeriKane

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  • barca1989

    you can see on this last viedo difficulty is on amater level ,iand I personaly think that cpu played good for this level :)

  • Andrew

    watch this video you can see the full squad of dortmund and arsenal

  • niels

    @ andrew, okay srry then, but next time you should post the links together with the statement. Anybody could claim to know things and scream that they are true otherwise ><

  • barca1989 i think this is new on with lot of skills :)

  • championwarlord

    Why is it that a lot of the players run the same? And the defenders look like they are sliding on the pitch? is it because of the video. Also, the defense looks poor. (amatuer level?)

    Animation cut scenes look good though…..I repeat animation scenes but the gameplay looks like it can use an overhaul

  • niels

    The gameplay has changed a lot from fifa 11, a whole different pace, defence has been ‘fixed’ so no more torpedo-defenders flying at you, skilled players are now more important than ever, where in fifa 11 more physical types were stronger to play with. It just raises the bar on a lot of levels.
    And animations have also been made more fluid, so some chages there too.
    And yes cpu level is amature in these videos. But check out video number 8, there is is world class, and the renewed ai really shines there.

  • Krash

    Legendary difficulty:

    CPU beat the dude’s arse. lol.

  • Ash

    Gameplay looks quite good, hes some info about Pro Clubs


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