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FIFA 12: Gameplay Sliders

Time now for the final post in our list bonanza. You’ve had League/Team, Stadiums, Trophies. Now we give you, the Gameplay sliders.

EA are introducing sliders this year to allow you to customise your own experience. Each slider can be changed for both the user and CPU teams seperately and can be done, on the fly, mid match.

Sprint Speed

Modifies the maximum sprint speed a team can reach.


Modifies the time it takes for a teams player to reach their maximum speed.

Shot Error

Increases/Reduces the amount of error applied to a teams normal shots. This doesn’t affect other types of shots (i.e finesse).

Pass Error

Increases/Reduces the amount of error applied to a teams ground passes. This does not affect other types of passes.

Shot Speed

Increases/reduces the amount of speed applied to a teams normal shots. This doesn’t affect other types of shots (i.e finesse).

Pass Speed

Increases/reduces the amount of speed applied to a teams ground passes. This doesn’t affect other types of passes.

Injury Frequency

Increases/reduces the frequency that injuries occur within a team.

Injury Severity

When a player from a team gets an injury, this will increase/reduce the severity.

Goalkeeper Ability

Increases/reduces the saving ability of the goalkeeper.

Positioning: Marking

Increases/decreases how tightly the defenders mark their opponents.

Positioning: Run frequency

Increases/decreases the number of runs teammates will make.

Positioning: Line height

Specifies how high/low the defensive line will positions themselves for a team.

Positioning: Line Length

Specifies how stretched or compact the team will try to keep their line for the pitch.

Positioning: Line width

Specifies how stretched or compact the team will try to keep for the width of the pitch.

Positioning: Fullback Positioning

Increases/decreases how far the teams fullbacks will push forward.

Power bar

Modifies how quickly/slowly the power bar fills up when you request any type of pass or shot.

It will take a while for people to find the sweet spots for settings, and everyones will probably be pretty different, but we’ll gather a list of what people are using post launch.

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  • crabshank

    These sliders will be exploited to the max when getting accompilshments for your virtual pro in career mode and I think that the positioning sliders could be used online to improve your defenders’ AI.

  • crabshank

    In fact, everything from “Positioning: Marking” could be used for your own team online with no problems.

  • Kevin

    I think you have it figured out in your most recent comments Nick

  • Bobby

    I don’t understand these. When will they be used? e.g. why would anyone have the ‘injury severity’ at antything except minimum settings?

  • OMG

    this is such a bad idea.

  • satan

    no point fiddling with it, since i suppose that all those settings will be defaulted in online matches.

  • Konsta_87


    I’m getting even more confused now. So are those positioning sliders also available at tactics screen? So that those global sliders are there to define ”how much is much”. This is a theory I heard, and it made tad more sense than merely having the global ones.

  • Frederik the Dane


    Anyone who wants a realistic Career Mode :P
    Bad injuries happen as a part of the game. It makes it more of a challenge to cope through a whole season if you have injuries to worry about.

    That said, noone would want too many bad injuries, as it makes it unrealistic as well. But if the game needs a finetuning in that particular department, the slider is welcome :)

  • Nick


    I’m glad you were able to understand my comments. (I was in a rush to go to work when I wrote that. Also my poor english. Hahaha) Thanks.

  • 1st BIG Dissapointment

    @Tom Mills and most other replies; I don’t want to keep on dwelling on the past, so okay I’m glad no-one else wants this to go online, but too answer alot of questions when you say it can’t go online, all EA have to do is put it so that you can change the sliders for your team only, instead of yourself and the opposition.

    And too the dude who said EA aren’t as stupid as me… cm’on there’s no need to get personal in a debate, I thought this was a blog to get a difference in opinions from all types of audiences on the new Fifa coming out which is why I like it so much. And EA have done lots of stupid stuff last year anyways i.e. assissted controls for goalkeepers, not sorting out online glitches and bugs etc. So when this is a success, all I was saying is that EA must restrain their temptation for it to go online.

    But as long as you’s are supporting it not to go online anyways, I’m happy with that and I’ll just leave it their. Thanx for answering back with your thoughts and opinions anyways everyone who replied back ;-D.

  • Nick


    If I may try to help resolve your confusion, I believe those positional sliders are NOT going to be under tactics screen. (I will do my best to explain the reason but please refer to my comments in the previous page as it may help with certain slider concepts.)

    Just as each players’ individual ratings are adjusted under Player Edit section, the teams’ individual tactical settings are adjusted under Team Edit menu. At least this is how FIFA managed it in the previous releases.

    Now the main point is this:

    ALL sliders including positioning sliders are trying to is to define “how much is much” like you heard. These slider functions should be grouped all together regardless of which aspect of the game play they are trying to define.

    Hence no sliders mentioned in this blog should be included in neither Team Edit or Player Edit menu… Instead, there should be a sperate Slider Edit menu with those sliders in it.

    Slider edit section is nothing but just a game’s definition page. It should be kept simple and in one place.

  • Konsta_87


    I understand what you’re saying, but if there’s no way to adjust eg. defensive line or run frequency from the tactics (as one couldn’t in 11), the positioning sliders are completely illogical. Then it won’t mean that your adjusting ”how much is much”, but some mystical global tactics sliders, and that would be totally idiotic. That’s why I’m trying to find out, whether they’ve added new adjustables in the custom tactics.

  • Yskel

    Sliders are useful to effectively create your own personalised difficulty setting. Probably to tone down legendary so it’s enjoyable to play

  • JoeTHFC

    I personally love this idea. I play tournos against the CPU a fair bit and it gets boring at times because they don’t play like real teams. These sliders will let me tweak things to simulate real football.

    If I’m playing in the EPL, I’d say that teams generally defend deep and are fairly compact, so I could change that. If I’m playing in La Liga, the opposition will keep possession well, so I could turn down the CPU passing error. I could even try to simulate the way most online players play, in order to get some casual training.

    I think this, in combination with custom tactics could be great for those who want realistic gameplay, add to that, the new pressing system, I’m getting really excited now.

  • Q

    @1st BIG Dissapointment, we all don’t want it to go online but that’s like saying I don’t want EA to put Bugs Bunny as the referee, it’s never gonna happen anyway dude, don’t worry about it at all. It’s good they introduced it offline so you can have fun and change things to your liking :)

  • JoeTHFC


    I do agree somewhat, the custom tactics section is a bit unclear compared to those in PES. In tactics, defensive line seems to be affected by the “pressure” setting (strangely, it’s ‘aggression’ which alters homing missile pressure). Player runs can be boosted by turning up the passing risk setting.

  • Bobbyjones

    It was stupid in fightnight and it will be stupid on this

  • Georgatos7

    Is it certain that those sliders are going to make it in FIFA 12 or is it a rumor?
    Cause if they are it’s going to be awesome!!!

    Oh and they missed 2.
    The control ability slider and the inertia slider. :)

  • TN

    Sliders have been in NHL for years. They make the offline experience so much more pleasing and allow you to tune the game to your liking. Very exited about this.

  • John

    its isnt really realistic, its BLATENT cheating if you ask me.
    cup final after a long hard season and youre losing 2-1 in the 85th minute, you feel hard done by by the ref and have totally dominated the game.. but you’re losing. the temptation is ALWAYS there to lower the CPU settings for speed ect. and higher the users. score a couple of last minute goals and win the cup. its always going to be on your mind whether you want to do it or not, its an option to cheat, hands down. Someone should have thought through the most realistic settings for these and applied them to the game, instead of leaving it to us.