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FIFA 12: H2H Seasons Hub

With everything that’s been going on in the last week, we almost forgot to post this, almost…

It’s a screenshot of the Head2Head Seasons hub posted by Gareth Reeder, It shows your projected points, best finish in both seasons and cups, your overall record, form from your last 6 matches, your record in the current season, remaining games and how long is remaining until the cup window opens again.

Anything else you think needs to be shown in there?

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  • Singh is King

    Can you explain how this works please???

    Do you play someone from your division only???

    How many teams are there in each division???

    And lastly how do you go into a division, is it based on skill level or do you just randomly get put into one???

  • Alexander Danling

    Yeesh! The design team at Fifa really needs to take a lesson in user-friendliness and learn the difference between good and bad design. Horrible color scheme, poorly executed shine effects, heavy gradients. My designer heart stopped for awhile when I saw this. It really is terrible.

  • Tom Mills

    @Singhisking haven’t played it yet obviously, but it’s essentially the WC structure.

    You’ll start in the bottom division, play 10 matches against people from the same division, if you earn enough points, you’ll get promoted, if you don’t earn enough you’ll get relegated.

  • NikJ

    I think this sounds amazing, kudos to EA… I’ve not played WC online, so I’ve not experienced this before, but the premise sounds excellent and the fact that quitters will be punished is brilliant because not a day goes by without someone quitting GRRR (wags fist)

  • Singh is King

    Ah rite, btw how will rage quitters be punished in the new Fifa???

  • Tom Mills

    @Singh is King By not recieving points for the game.

  • Jubal c

    I’m so going to love playing this mode. Loved it on WC game so should be better now.

    Rage quitters will just have a loss on their record and you will get the 3 points.

  • Bimo Santos

    If say I choose chelsea will I have to stick with chelsea all the way up?

    or if say I change to barca ill start again or carry on?

  • Singh is King

    @Tom Mills; eh but they arn’t going to recieve points for the game anyways if they’re getting hammered 4 or 5-0. I don’t think this is going to stop rage quitting like :|.

  • Budweizer100

    Good point, does anyone know if you choose a better team, that your players will be better? So wont we have everyone as Barca, or does it not matter which team you have, so two players with equal skill will have an even match if one is Barca and one is Stevenage?
    Although saying that, if all character are equal, how will there be any difference between the players in your own squad?
    I think there should be separate leagues for people who want to be 5 star teams, I’ll get so sick of playing against Barca, Man U, Barca, Man U when I like to play as NUFC.

  • Budweizer100

    …and on the screen itself, I’m no designer (@Alex Danling) but I think it looks good. It’s not overcrowded and looks simple to understand.
    I’ve never really played that much on-line, but this concept looks the tits!
    If I don’t play for a few weeks though, will I go down the leagues? I like the idea of being able to jump in and play and get promoted after an hours gaming or whatever, but I dont want to be tied to it so that it becomes a chore to stay where I am, I’m not at school/uni anymore, I have other things in my life to do!

  • Bart Van Geert aka Scorp1o

    @Tom or Dave, maybe you should mention that you can play H2H Seasons with Manual players aswell. Think that is a big surplus with all the assisted whoring 1-2 passing going on… :)

  • Budweizer100

    @Bart Are you saying that it’s been confirmed that you can enter into a H2H league where only manual players can play? That sounds good.

  • Tom Mills

    Ok so on the rage quitting side of things, i don’t think it’s designed to stop it as such, but the structure will mean that you get the 3 points for the win (which you would if the match finished) and they get 0 points for the loss/quit (which they would if the match finished).

    Regarding teams, you’re paired with players AFTER you’ve made your team selection, so you’ll be matched accordingly.

  • Budweizer100

    sweet! Cheers Tom

  • Tom Mills

    np fella

  • Unknown Stranger

    Surely it will be biased towards the people who use the big teams – Man City, Barca, Real Madrid? I’m planning to play as my hometown team from npower League 1. Surely I’ll just get battered and constantly relegated?

  • Tom Mills

    @UnknownStranger as i said, i understand you’ll be matched after team selection.

  • Singh is King

    Ah well, I suppose as long as I get the points for hammering my opponent ;-D.

  • Budweizer100

    This should answer a lot of the questions about Seasons in FIFA 12: