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FIFA 12 Impact Engine Trailer

So here it is, our first official look at FIFA 12 showing off the rather wonderful Impact Engine which so many were impressed with after the FIFA 12 community webcast. IGN (of all people) have broken ranks on this one it seems a little to the dismay of some. Anyway with out further a do here’s a first look at the FIFA 12 Impact Engine in action.

One thing we can guarantee is that these videos will be plentiful during the build up to FIFA 12′s release but what do you think about the new Impact Engine having seen it up close?

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  • Krash


    dude, wait until the demo.

    as for graphics/stadiums/crowds/ice skatey movement/players models… yeah I can relate to your complaint. no significant changes in these areas since 09. :(

    what matters is gameplay though. and only playing the game in action + watching real long vids of gameplay will determine if it’s good or not.

    the features so far sound great. The real question is: how are they gonna come together and balanced with each other.

    Also, I’m kinda trying not to get too excited here because some of the announced features of FIFA 11 ended up being half-assed, unfinished or unpolished efforts like Pro Passing.

    Finger crossed 12 is balanced, polished, with as less glitches, bugs as possible. I really hope so.

    Again, to the FSB editors, tell EA in Guildford to FIX THE ICE SKATING and add weight, momentum, inertia for movement/turning/dribbling! PLEASE GUYS!! Thanks.

  • Jubal c

    I knew someone would remind me. It looks similar to the Euphoria engine that is used in the game American Football game, Backbreaker.

  • anthonyOA

    The Lighting looks fantastic. Wow.

    The impact enginen is impressive, no doubt. But i’m more interested in how manager mode loks this year.

  • David Bryant

    @krash there will be some more details on the Guildford playtest and what we’ll be up to tomorrow morning. But yes of course we’ll be on the look out for the infamous “ice skating”

  • Krash

    Cheers, David. I appreciate the response.

    cant wait to read your hands-on impressions guys. if you’re able to record some sneaky footage, do so! =p

  • RedAge

    @Krash Gameplay matters just to some extent mate.In Fifa11 gameplay was more than enough.Improving the graphics and crowds will add an extraordinary new and fresh flavour to the game rather than spending ages only to improve the gameplay.Actually while playing the game i am sick of commentators repeating the same for infinity times,plastic crowds jumping like retards,dry,dull and raw graphics.Unless they fix these so called little things FIFA won’t be a complete football simulation.But hope they have considered these things into account this year.If it is not in Fifa 12 atleast make it in Fifa 13.

  • Welldson Oliveira

    Gostei das notícias até agora, já acho a jogabilidade do fifa 11 muito boa, mais tem erros grotescos como jogadores batendo cabeça, e times que jogam de maneira muito diferente da vida real!
    tambem gostaria de resaltar que o moda carreira é monotono depois que vc ganha tudo, o jogo fica sem graça, acho que deviria ter duas mudanças crusiais nesse modo, 1- o modo carreira deveria poder colocar dois ou mais player, isso faria ficar mais interesante, pois seriam duas ou três pessoas tentando comprar jogadores para melhorar seus time, e fazer um bom campeonato e ser o club melhor. 2- e esse modo tambem teria que ter um fim completo de cada época, tendo libertadores, mundial de clubs, e por fim, melhores de cada posição do mundo na premiação da fifa! isso faria o jogo ficar muito mais interesante!

  • faris

    dear all.
    I want to ask u if Saudi League is in FIFA 12 or not

    Best regard.