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FIFA 12 PC: 4th Most Pirated Game Of 2011

Everyone knows piracy on the PC is a massive issue for developers these days and for EA SPORTS in 2011, FIFA 12 sadly was not an exception as it ranked in the Top 5 Most Pirated PC Games of 2011 with only Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Crysis 2 coming ahead.

FIFA 12 on the PC was pirated an estimated 3,390,000 (yes million) times and on the Wii an estimated 860,000 times which along with the platforms where FIFA 12 didn’t feature in the Top 5 (Xbox360/PS3) still represents a huge amount of lost sales for EA just 3 months after release.

EA SPORTS caused a minor uproar during 2011 when they announced that FIFA 12 PC would not have LAN capabilities as a measure designed to discourage piracy, but from the figures above it’s clear that step hasn’t worked.

Piracy is a topic which touches a nerve for many gamers and some really big questions now need to be asked about how viable future FIFA titles are on the PC platform especially. So with that in mind..

Do you think EA would be within their rights to ditch the PC platform for FIFA 13 all together?

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  • Jazszzz

    WOW. I didn’t even know you could pirate Wii games :o Then again I have never had a Wii.. Well I’ve had a Wii, but not a Wii. Yep.

  • creimer

    Não porque todas as pessoas que pirateiam os jogos são aqueles que nunca irão comprar uma cópia original. Tenho o meu fifa original na plataforma pc e estou muito contente de a EA da valor a esssa plataforma.

    Not because all the people who pirate games are those who will never buy an original copy. I have my original Fifa on the PC platform and I am delighted that the value of EA This capability platform.

  • J-O-S-H-I-D-E-R

    well tbh i paid £40 for my ps3 version. considering how broken the game was i dont think they deserved to get the money for the pc version so i pirated mine

  • theirfan38

    If I could pirate I would have done it!! Unfortunately on ps3 you cannot..
    Because so much things are broken in this game…even if there are some good aspects!!
    but not deserve to pay for that game

  • Gui Cramer

    It is commonly known that a lot of those downloads are barely played/deleted afterwards, some people downloaded without being interested anyway, some would never buy, and that some bought it after downloading. Companies cannot treat all of those numbers as additional sales.

  • Rutter To Fix PES

    This is the problem with PC gamers they think they are entitled to everything for free.

  • Merdiso

    Hey, I think this is kinda fair, considering how crap Origin is and how bad the game is optimised on PC. I’ve ever never seen any game on my PC who was running like **** even if having 50+ FPS.
    This is what they deserve vor their buggy Impact Engine, ***** AI, bad optimisation and Origin.
    I’ve bought the game with just 15$ but I think I shouldn’t have done it even so, the game is broken like every year and EA does nothing but gives us “features” which don’t include fundamental fixes.

  • http://clutchhunter.appspot.com ClutchHunter

    1) A pirated game does not mean lost sales. I can’t afford much at the moment so I’m pirating whatever isn’t a priority, and this does not mean these companies have lost sales. They’ve lost * all. It’s not even a physical item, they lose nothing here and if I claim to my friends that it’s a good game worth checking out then it’s actually a positive thing.

    2) Origin. It sucks, and some people who legitimately bought the game pirated Origin-free versions. Can’t blame them.

    3) Some people use pirating to try before they buy, I know I did for Minecraft as an example.

    I’m not saying piracy is justified but there’s no way it’s this demonstrably evil thing the gaming and all-around media industry makes it out to be.

  • BC87X

    Got the X360 version and play it from time to time and hated it so I got the PC version and it wasn’t much better. I managed to save at least $50 I think I was entitled not to be ripped of for a second time.

  • BC87X

    P.S. EA and the bastards supporting SOPA deserve to get pirated for eternity.

  • Klaustrus


    Toally right. Could not agree more.

  • Markov

    I’m happy for people to copy games, I don’t know how EA and other companies justify their prices.

    Anyhow since money is now in the contracting stage (Deliberate of course), like the 1930′s I guess people will be more concerned about keeping their families warm and food on the table. Entertainment will soon be the least of people’s problems.

  • marianLFC1892

    I’m a PC owener and,of course, I can get the pirated version very easy.And i did it.But the game was good,I like it and I bought it,even though it’s not that cheap,to thank ea…simple.
    I think this is the way things should work on PC ….Download a game=>like it=>buy it !

  • David Bryant

    One of the recent trend in the film arena has been to provide multi-play functionality. So you get a DVD, a Blu Ray and in some instances access to a digital copy as well.

    Do you think something like this could work for FIFA? So if you buy the PS3 or Xbox version you get access to the PC as well?

    The most recent example i guess is Portal 2 which gave PS3 users access to a copy via Steam for free.

  • anu anu

    These numbers need more scrutiny…

    It benefits companies to use these numbers.