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FIFA 12 PC Requirements

If you were following the tweets that were coming from EA Guildford on Monday, you’ll know that the PC version of FIFA 12 is not only identical to the console from a features point of view, but it looks bloody awesome too.

Even more excitingly, according to David Rutter, if you’re running it on a beefy PC, you can make it look prettier than the 360 and PS3 versions.

“it plays the same on all spec’s supported – you can make it prettier resolution on pc if you have the oomph!

Thanks to fifavoetbal.net, we now know what the recommended requirements to run it are.

Recommended system requirements: CPU with dual-core processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or faster). Intel Core2Duo @ 2,4 Ghz Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7. 2 GB of RAM. DirectX ® 9.0c compatible 256 MB video card with 3D acceleration or equivalent (support for Shader Model 3.0 or higher). ATI RADEON HD 2900. NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT.

Doesn’t mean much to me sadly, but I’m sure the PC heads will be able to make sense of it.

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  • David Bryant

    And let me tell you, the ability to ramp up the resolution on the PC version makes a MASSIVE difference. It looks, stunning.

  • Frederik the Dane

    You’re starting to sell the idea of getting the PC version instead of the PS3 version… Especially because I’ve read about the possibility to hook up af SIXAXIS controller with the pc…

  • Stog37

    PC version all the way for me.. Higher resolution etc.

    Faster and more reliable online as well with PC !!

  • PartyPooperX

    I think PC version will be the best version available! Equal as the consoles + higher resolution/better graphics + faster and more reliable online + career mode modifications / game modifications and kits and faces and boots and much much more created by the community! I enjoyed the gameplay mods and the other things for FIFA 11 on PC and just used FIFA 11 on xbox 360 for online use.

  • bob

    Can’t wait. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of talented people out there modding the crap out of this. Just hope xbox controller support is built in and works just as it would on the xbox.

  • http://me.com Man of The Hour

    Love it. BF3 and FIFA 12 on PC will be the best. If you all want to use your PS3 Controller look up DS3 Tool on google. Works really well. Cheaper than having to buy a wired 360 controller.

  • Krash

    @Man of The Hour

    I’d suggest googling “MotionInJoy” ;-)

    That’s THE BEST DS3 driver on the web. THE BEST I tell you.

  • Krash

    Wait, I think we’re both referring to the same thing. DS3 Tool = MotionInJoy.

    Lol. Great minds think alike. =p


    Selfish console gamers are gonna buy the PC version now! Why didn’t they buy it before huh?

    Only we PC Gamers deserve the right to buy FIFA 12 PC lol. Console gamers need to stick to consoles.
    I will enjoy playing the game at 1920×1200 resolution. Typical console noobs that are hesitant of whether or not a 360 controller works on PC. Ofcourse it does!

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  • Richard Grant

    1920×1200? So last year, Im looking forward to playing it on 2560×1440 on my 27″ Dell ultrasharp from about 2 ft from the screen! Now thats what I call gorgeous graphics. About time EA brought out a good version, its insulting to use piracy as the excuse for not developing it right. Fobbing us off with an inferior version year after year, despite FAR superior hardware on the PC, is a good way to encourage people to pirate it in protest. I bought it on PS3 and pirated the pc version just to look at it in the highest res.

  • John

    Will it exist a Mac version?