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FIFA 12 Pro Player Intelligence: Vision

When we revealed many of the new FIFA 12 details after the first embargo, Pro Player Intelligence and Vision Mapping was without doubt one of the most difficult to explain with the written word. But thankfully EA have bailed out our feeble attempts by releasing a video showing off this new technology in the only way it can be appreciated and understood. Hugely important that you watch this, let us know what you think.

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  • anthonyOA

    Looks interesting, but then you have to wonder what the vision stat has been doing all these years…

  • Guilherme Cramer

    A lot of attributes in the game that should play a role don’t seem to. Anyway I really fear that a lot of players that get overlooked will be screwed with this. I also feel they are going to limit AI players a lot, the example when Park Ji Sung gets the ball highlights a potential problem, the AI never attempting to distribute the ball with long passes – which happens a lot in real life in most levels of football.

  • bender

    im Santiago Jaramillo isnt a gameplay producer… looks like a model which should represent ea titles….. cmon… such a guy aint no nerd…

    why is it calles player intelligence ? has nothing to do with this… its only a vision map which is different to every player..

  • David Bryant

    @bender he could be a convincing Enrique Iglesias body double for sure. If the whole FIFA thing doesn’t work our there’s always catalogue modelling for Santi ;)

  • mfmaxpower

    I’m just not sure that EA *gets* it – when the AI in FIFA is so rudimentary, emphasizing one area of improvement has me massively concerned that they don’t understand how VITAL this stuff is for a quality game. All their shortcomings aside, at least Konami understand how important things like off the ball player movement is.

    Once again, when FIFA needs a variety of upgrades throughout, EA chooses to focus on one “marketable” improvement that likely won’t satisfy in the end.

    Konami are explicit in their hopes of regaining the hardcore’s loyalty – unless EA changes its mindset, Konami might not need to try all that hard.

  • ClutchHunter

    Totally agree @mfmaxpower, I havn’t played PES since 2006 because it seems to have gotten worse and worse since then but if FIFA doesn’t get it’s **** together soon it will lose a lot of loyal customers.

  • Jack

    Personally i feel this is a little skewed in the wrong sense. Ji Sung Park has good vision(i would say most pros have the vision to see the OBVIOUS through ball opportunity to walcott in that instance), but a lot of times park’s passing lets him down. Also, vision is affected by form, situation, and pressure.

    It’s a good start I guess but when say lower league players won’t “spot” the obvious through ball opportunity, then the game will have dumbed down the vision of most to elevate the fabregas and xavi. Don’t get me wrong, Fab and Xavi deserve it wholeheartedly, but not at the expense of others.

    I guess what irks me is that MOST people that play pro would see that through ball, it’s the balls that split 2-4 defenders or an aerial ball that’s pin point that shows the passing ability and vision of fabregas and xavi.

  • Caio

    I’m afraid of this “new” feature. Well, what I’m afraid of is that this can hide some not worldwide popular players who actually own perfectly this ability to pass a through ball because some other mainstream players are known as the masters of it.

    Of course everyone in the planet knows Pirlo, Totti, Fabregas and Xavi, however, do they know that Felipe from Vasco da Gama is one of the best examples of this “Vision” Pro Player Intelligence skill? What about some other dozens of players from different countries and leagues, like Steven Defour, Daniele Galloppa, Oleksandr Aliyev?

  • medley

    Hes too good looking to be involved in games

  • kenneth

    looks good but vision is one thing, passing is another, and if he is good in vision and bad in passing then his passing wouldnt be great everytime? or what if he has great passing and bad vision then he only made good passes for the players just around him.?

    What about vision in defending??
    Is it the same?
    A defender only see the player in front of him or can also see the players behind him ??

  • des

    i think people are underestimating what all is involved in making that pass. they never said park wouldn’t see it, they just said it would take an extra dribble. to me, it seems like fabregas would receive the ball head up already looking down field, and park would collect the ball at his feet then look up. park sees the pass but that extra second gives the defender a chance to recover, and fabregas wouldn’t need the extra second.

    the pass is there for any player, but vision is recognizing that as soon as he’s received the ball. there are plenty of average midfielders who’d take the extra dribble, try to make that same pass down the wing, and the defender would intercept it. happens all the time…

    that winger should’ve kept running though and not just given up the play, fifa really does need to work on off-the-ball movement; but that pass isn’t nearly as easy to spot and complete as fabregas made it look, and isn’t that really the whole purpose of vision and passing stats?

  • R2

    It’s nice how they aren’t actually limiting the vision map in itself, but how immediate or delayed its expansion is. That’s well thought out. Let’s see if it makes a difference in the game.

  • ShakesUK

    Maybe I missed it but did he explain what would happen if Park had attempted that pass out of his vision range (because we saw it with our vision and tried it)? Also how would this vision stat be implemented on other control schemes such as semi-assisted and manual?

  • yella

    I actually liked this video for once from EA. Usually it will be explaining things already mentioned and showing pre scripted clips over and over but this time it showed an idepth and visual explaination of how the mechanic will work. Looks good aswell.

    Saying that, how much effect has vision had in previous games. I’d like to see last years fabregas and this years fabregas vision difference and the mechanic behind it, as this could actually been implemented long ago and they’re just claiming it new. Probably not but still a possibility

  • David Bryant

    Guys, a few comments on this vid from Santi himself on Twitter:

    “Couple of points on #ProPlayerIntelligence : 1) the two videos out there are just two examples of many more ai behaviors of that feature”

    “#ProPlayerIntelligence : the videos are test cases of an early build,so don’t worry about def.Ai there – we’ve improved it a lot for FIFA12!”

    Anyone else glad he mention AI?

  • Jep

    So is improved, but what about attacking AI? That has been horrendously dull for the past… every year since PES5/6. Like that one guy said the winger just gives up, and a lot of the times players dont even make these runs. And they are never diagonal and rarely if ever horizontal.

  • Guilherme

    I just watched the entire intro video for FIFA 11 last night before I started playing it, it’s funny seeing all the stuff they blabbed about before for 11 being recycled for 12. I forgot how much the 11 and 12 promos looked like.

  • Universal

    PES are supposed to be doing some serious work on the AI this year. When both demos come out, I’ll ccompare them. I don’t care for these promo vids because as the previous poster said, FIFA 11 didn’t deliver on the new features they were shouting about last year. We’ll probably have to wait two months for them to patch the game.

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  • Big J

    All I want from fifa12 is to be able to change my keepers kit etc wihout having to save and go into VP and change manually ie when it snows change to long sleeve etc how about giving the keeper a cap on sunny day matches or long pants on snowy day matches etc more choice in glove styles and manufacturers etc give the keeper more to do and instead of making the game all about the player make it a little more equal I mean after all without a keeper you couldn’t win….