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FIFA 12 Q&A With Dave Rutter

This. Is. Brillaint. EA SPORTS have a hot off the press community Q&A with FIFA 12′s own Dave Rutter. He answers your questions on Core Gameplay, EA SPORTS Football Club, Visual Presentation and Your FIFA 12 wish list. The video below contains links to the four individual sections so click on the topic you want to hear about and Dave will do the rest. You all went for Core Gameplay first right?


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  • Krash

    wtf @ header pic. LMAO

  • Paul

    Any word on whether they will actually display the Extra Time on the screen this year?

  • theirfan38

    I do not believe any more to this unrespectable person. He is just as great liar is a polictician

  • pdid

    mhh david rutter said “We have to priortise the teams people use most, then work down.( for the faces) so why the heck barcelona and real madrid had no faces ?

    my question to everybody here. does someone know if fifa 12 for ps3 is finally in hd meaning 1080p ?

  • Tony

    yep,I went for core gameplay first,didnt watch EA sports football club.I have a question for Rut.have you fixed the crappy AI and dont phase me off with tactical defending being a bad postional player solution.Plus,can you add more player traits i.e Open goal but skies it…preferably for Darren Bent,jees,this guy!

  • Krash

    the core gamplay questions are mostly useless. It almost as if EA wrote those questions themselves to market the game. :/

  • David Bryant

    Tough crowd

  • kenneth

    dissapointed that the shooting not being improved.. and not enough faces they are making, and only from the biggest leagues.. what about netherlands teams like ajax, psv, the portuguese teams like porto, and so on.!

  • Frederik the Dane

    This didn’t teach us much, but I actually don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing (nor a good thing). I really like what I’ve heard so far about FIFA 12, and I am very optimistic about the game.

    It is true that we didn’t get any news from this Q/A, but do we really expect to hear sensational news every time EA does an interview? I mean; we get ALL the news on this site. People who only reads mags don’t read EVERY mag, and therefore EA has to give interviews where they say the same things over and over. It is the same with people who only use one game-website to retrieve their news about games.

    I agree with those who says that it is more important to get the details right than making “big” new features all the time. But I think a lot of people just act like spoiled brats.

  • kenneth

    many good things we here about, but i really hope that celebrations will be more realistic and also much more realistic game faces and hair to all the players.. most of them looks like fifa 2008, and to many faces look identical..

  • Dan.H

    My 2 questions are:

    Can you curve the ball with the outside of foot takin freekick or corners? Yeah Roberto Carlos style :P

    And will there b new skills trick moves, and also is doing tricks improved i mean its so easy to determine where the ball will go and interceptit would b awesome to slightly cut the ball back and have the finishing move bit different i mean 360 Tricking would be awesome and also, if you could fix ball pushing…. That would b like you run with the ball and only flick the left stick a bit and the ball rolls just enough to get a decent shot from 35 while maintaining distance between the ball and the defender.. IN fifa 11 you cant push it just a bit, u push it strait into the deffenders…Lame…. And pleeeeeeeeeez Improve freakin shoooooootin its so Lame….

    My idea would b kinda hardcore:P when you shoot on the very moment you release the button you could curl the ball or slice or top spin what ever with the trick stick…..So u have a player runnin and u hold lob button and also pull right stick backwards just a bit to add a bit of a back spin….NO that would b some improvement…. THX

  • Dan.H

    See the way it says SIMULATION but its not hard, how can a simulator be easy then i consider it as arcade…its like hey ma can i drift around the corner with daddy”s car? Im freakin cool in NFS UG2 i just beat my friends high-score….. If you improve shooting the way i suggested then everybody will get a better game… U can still use shooting as it is but experts will get a bit more controll and they will play better,, u say its an advantage? no because if it is then you just need to practice thats all..

  • yurdal

    david rutter has got some cheek telling people that its their bad connection that results in online matches being disconnected, when it says ive been signed out of ea servers but im still connected to the psn and still got an internet connection.

  • David Bryant

    @kenneth the shooting has been dramatically improved. Did you read our FIFA 12 Gameplay Impressions?

  • theirfan38

    Yeah David that point is weird for me:
    on the one hand you said the testers that the shooting was way better and on the other hand Rutter said no just a little change…someone is lying…??

  • Frederik the Dane

    As far as I understood from FSBs test the ball physics has improved, but the shooting mechanics are the same.
    This means that EA hasn’t really changed the shooting bit, but the improved ball physics means that it’ll feel a whole lot different (for the better according to the test review)

    So no one is really lying :)

  • blaaase

    Last year the fifa 11 demo had some nice ballphysiks but the aktual game didnt had this physiks…jope its not like this fsb
    back to my question does someone know if fifa12 supports hd 1080p for ps3 this year ?

  • Charles

    Disappointed about the appearance of the crowd, but what about the actual noise? This is far more important as there is still no realistic reaction to goals.

    A bit surprised that shooting is being looked at more, but volleys definately needed to be improve and it should be interesting to see how well they look after a susposed update.

  • Krash


    no one knows. i doubt that they’ll make an effort to have native 1080p but who knows. we’ll wait and see.

    and by the way, don’t try to upscale current FIFA games to 1080p. It will look aweful, i tried it.

    play it on its native 720p resolution.

  • yella

    I watched these apart from EA Sports Football Club (seems another money spinning idea from ea, eurrghh)

    The rest he just seemed to answer questions which a) we already know b) some how could include the trailer features e.g. Has dribbling improved? Yes with precision dribbling……. The impact engine………tactical defending c) answered stupid questions which fifa 13,14 may have or ideas which wern’t good enough for a second look but filled sometime.

    Nice way for EA and David Rutter to shoot themselves. Anticipation for 12 before this 50%, after watching this 25%