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FIFA 12: Reviews Round-up *Updated*

We’re nearly in to FIFA 12 release week, which means reviews, opinion and scores will all start hitting the internet thick and fast. A few of the big guns have already got their reviews up though and you can find all of these below.

We’ll update this post as and when more FIFA 12 Reviews come online and as for the FIFA Soccer Blog FIFA 12 Review, all will be revealed very soon.

IGN: FIFA 12 Review – 9.5/10

“The beautiful game, just got a bit more beautiful”

CVG: FIFA 12 Review – 9.3/10

“FIFA has more character, depth and tactical weight than ever before, and with the new physics engine and tackling system comes promise for the future.”

OXM: FIFA 12 Review – 9/10

“A goal machine of a game and a compulsive purchase that not even Arsene Wenger could resist.”

Videogamer: FIFA 12 Review – 9/10

”The King is dead. Long live the King: FIFA 12.”

Eurogamer: FIFA 12 Review – 9/10

“It’s another step closer to reality, and this time it’s a very welcome one.”

IncGamers: FIFA 12 Review – 9/10

“If you’re looking for a realistic, thoughtful and exhaustive recreation of the beautiful game thenFifa 12 is the best option you’ve ever had.”

Mirror Football: FIFA 12 Review – 5/5

“FIFA 12 isn’t quite a whole new ball-game, but it is the most beautiful take on the beautiful game yet.”

More to follow…

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  • CFC Yank

    I know there are those that will find something wrong, but I’m loving this game compared to last years. Have had the early release since Friday night. Playing with created club, Wimbledon F.C. Created the entire team, and things I’ve noticed.

    Transfers much better. One of my players put in a transfer request in August, I listed him, but turned down first two offers, and then the board sold him under my nose to Tottenham. Ticked me off, but pretty cool.

    As for defense, I’m loving it because CPU actually scores on you in Pro now, especially if you screw up.

    As for runs, I get them, maybe not as much as I would like, but I’ve had some nice 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s. Just beat Tottenham in 4th round of Carling Cup, 4-1.

    People can have their own opinions but compared to last year, this year’s CM is far more enjoyable to last years. I also have to say that fatigue is much better than last year. You have to rotate players now. I’ve also drawn 3 penalties already, one an injury (broken collarbone) from an aerial collision in the box.

  • Markov


    Or maybe @Dave797 or @Tom Mills can answer my question.

    Hey, great video and two sweet goals.

    Is it my imagination, but is the pitch a lot bigger on the full retail version compared to the demo? Looking at the above video there looks a lot more space to play, or is it because he’s against another player and not the CPU. I really hope this is the case because pitch on demo feels a little congested IMO. Small congested pitches are fine, but not for every game.

    In fact, it would be good if EA could try to replicate different stadium pitch dimensions. This would also help CM as playing away from home on a tight, bobbly pitch instead of a big lush pitch would add variety especially when in the FA cup against a low division side. Would add to needing different tactics for different grounds and teams.

  • Gavalar

    Wow sorry guys but not liking the new defending system makes the game too slow I just learned about the legacy defending so you can change back to the old system much better does anyone know if you can use the old system in online matches

  • blobby

    I think the new defending is fun once you learn it.. Eventually u have to or you won’t be winning any ranked games online.. Tactical defending is the only thing available in ranked games, so learn it.. Can’t wait to get my copy on tuesdays

  • David Bryant

    The defending takes time, in that there’s no doubt and if any mode in FIFA 12 is going to highlight a deficiency in that area it will be online.

    Personally i’m finding that using contain sparingly (1v1 situations only) and focussing on jockey (L2) and running jockey (L2+R2) to do the majority of my defensive work has some real success.

    I still feel i need to find a better blend between the three but it’s stopped me conceding silly goals which are simply down to misuse of the defensive mechanics.

  • Andy

    @Gavalar no , you can’t use it for ranked matches . But i still don’t get it why people like the legacy defending . TD , even if it takes some time to learn , it’s more fun and gives you more time on the ball in offense , and keeps you focused when defending , so you don’t get bored by just pressing A to get the ball , and then try to 1-2 your way fast to the goal.

  • hakz

    Why do people think FIFA receives 9+ year after year from IGN?
    FIFA 11 got 8.5/10
    FIFA 10 got 9/10
    FIFA 09 got 8.6/10

    Only 2 of the past FIFAs (including 12) received 9+…..


    @Andy.. U make a great point.. It won’t be boring as jus tappy the (A) button.. It’s a lot more realistic and fun.. I love that they address the physics of players falling after a tackle and so forth.. Jus saw a an official game video as well

  • sandmania

    Just watched a video of some guys thoughts on the full game. He said that you are unable to see your opponents team selection for online games. Can this be confirmed? I find it a little strange if true. I enjoy playing with lower rated teams but if I’m going to be coming up against Barca, etc every game I’d rather pick a better team to give myself a chance. I don’t see this decision being a good one (if true) to be honest. Any thoughts?

  • JaZzBrE

    For people not linking the new tactical defending:
    Please go and do the tutorial over and over again… I did and only after a while I noticed what it was trying to tell me… Keep your defender in the attackers FOV (field of vision) and don’t come to close until you have to…
    It works like a charm!

  • SImon

    like it!

  • Gavalar

    Thanks for the feedback andy I kind of have got to grips with the new defending but find the players first touch on through balls is very very poor I play the demo with a 4-5-1 and Theo through the middle as the striker and flick the right stick as it arrives at his feet and the defender always gets a foot in it’s very unrealistic as most defenders on the game do not have much more than 70 pace I should be leaving them for dead but it’s not the case

  • Ant

    Gavalar take a touch first then do it it works better that way

  • CFC Yank

    I find with defending that usually I simply mirror the attacker, keep distance, and when they make a move I move in for a standing tackle. Often simply keeping them from making a run can result in bad pass. That being said, when I screw up and they get near my box, the nerves go up. I like it much more than past years where I never got nervous defending.

    Crossing seems different to me this year, not as assisted as in the past, so it takes some adjusting, but I also think thru balls work better, as my team doesn’t always make the run I want, they are making more runs. Dribbling becoms impressive in the box, especially when you ease off the sprint button. If you have someone who can dribble well, it really can create space for a decent shot.

  • Total Football

    This is a Fifa fansites and people are moaning about it getting good review scores? Some of you guys are on the wrong website lol

  • Mike Astuto

    Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? If its true we can’t change the weather options in FIFA12 im gonna be pretty upset. How is this still an issue? Why do EA just randomly remove features that had nothing wrong with them? I was so excited for tomorrow and now that I know I might be playing mid week cup matches in broad daylight I hardly want to spend $60. Seems like such a simple thing…

  • salvador garcia 02345905

    es uno de los videojuegos mas esperados, esperemos que no nos desepciones ya que se esperan muchas cosas buenas de el y hay que estar esperando su llegada fifa 12

  • Champions67

    @Mike Astuto , you’re from America and can you confirm that you can’t change the weather or time of day in Career mode?Like you said,I will also be absolutely furious if they have taken that option awya when theres nothing wrong with it?If anyone else has got the game yet could you answer!

  • Mike Astuto

    I actually got this news from Dave’s twitter account… But I do live in the US and its about 7:30am here and I’ll be heading to the store in about 30 mins to pick up the game. I’ll let you know then.