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FIFA 12: Skills Tutorial

Video specialist Hjerpseth has put together a skills tutorial for FIFA 12, which shows how to pull off some of the new moves making their way into FIFA 12, including the first example (I think) of the Bergkamp flick. Great news, the input is a doddle (flick RS back with the ball in the air and your opponent behind).

It shows how to do the Elastico Chop, Reverse Toe bounce, Bergkamp flick, Scoop turn 90, Scoop turn 180 and the LATW by mixing real world footage with in-game and demonstrating the pad inputs. Worth watching.

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  • Kobi


  • crumbzilla

    One of the best things I have done so far is swop the contain and tackle buttons. Tackle on A is more instinctive to use as tackle for me. Try it out!

  • DodgyAussie

    Amazing video!! I need to learn these…

  • Arthur Curry

    I’m not the best at tricks in the game. Honestly I’m having a hard enough problem trying to get used to the new defending.

  • http://twitter.com/nickjh82 ShakesUK

    They’ve done some nice work to the skills this year. They feel and look much more natural, and far less impenetrable when in the skill animation.

  • Nik

    All of them look great but how often do you see them happen?

    Imo very few players should be able to do them

  • Lolzz

    Eriksen for Ajax is best!

  • Fifajunkie

    How do u pull off in ps3 controller?????

  • JLH

    How do you do the scoop turn? Ive tried with holding square and x (ps3 control) and then moving left on the left stick like it says but no luck just ends up booting the ball away?

  • njohnskc

    man i sucked at first but not im killin the world class a.i even though they are getting some pretty tacky goals. I cant wait to get online and head strait for the top of the leader boards and represent my spurs is seasons…now that nasri and fab are gone im sure ill have a alot less arsenal scrubs to smash….. :-)find me on ps3===hotspur_18

  • njohnskc

    and i agree with JLH #1 How do you do the scoop turn on ps3? and #2 if the ball is rolling toward your player how do you flick it up for a volley

  • StefanFox

    For the scoop turn on ps3 just do a fake shot (circle then x) and hold the direction on your left analogue stick.


  • kenneth klausen

    ERIKSEN!! :)

  • shawon

    what about messi?? he doesn’t often use these skill moves but he always runs through the defence by showing quick feet.how should I supposed to do that??