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FIFA 12: Third Biggest UK Launch Ever

We all knew FIFA 12 was doing well in the pre-order department but it seems Fridays UK release was bigger and better than anyone could have expected becoming the third biggest UK game launch off all time. What’s most staggering is that FIFA 12 sold more than GTA: IV, wow…

As you would expect the sales were dominated by the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles with the latter just edging out Sony’s best for market share (54%). Sales on the other platforms were dwarfed in comparison although figures from PC downloads via EA’s Origin service have yet to be released.

So there’s only one franchise left for FIFA and EA SPORTS to topple and that’s Call of Duty, although I think a certain Battlefield game might have something to say about that later this year.

The phrase “smashed it” springs to mind… impressed?

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  • Felipe

    It is deserved!

    Anyway, guys, do you have any good info on a patch coming for PC? I still have freezing issues which I can’t solve with any of the various “solutions” around the internet

  • Ed

    I still can’t play UT on my PS3 –

    Or use the web app –

    The web app ‘cap’ is absolutely absurd. I just want to play UT. It needs to be fixed.

  • Brian K.J.

    This is because here in Brazil, and in so many places in South America, we buy a UK copy of FIFA (and other games) because EA dont introduct menu´s and comment´s in Portuguese….and in UK version of FIFA we find the PT-PT coments!!

  • Gui Cramer

    With that much money EA should be able to afford better servers, 4 straight days of disgusting connection to UT.

  • Mars

    Im already quite sick of it tbh. Thats a personal record.

  • Champions67

    Sorry again FSB I keep doing this lol …..I still haven’t had the game delivered,but I’m just going to make my custom audio chants CD just now because I think its coming tomorrow or wed.Could someone on this please tell me the scenarios for the chants you can select for the “favourite team” !

    i.e … winning chant so on


  • anthonyOA

    bububu we don’t ‘av enuff money for a proper server. bloody hell.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Eye, you’d have to smash it

  • fifaaddict

    When will EA launch the new ranked arena? does anyone know?
    We can’t meet up and play a friend in a ranked match

  • Dave Edwards

    Hey guys,

    Just had to say, i bought this on Friday having not experienced the demo…so had no experience of TD! When i first played the game i thought “what have EA done”…i was conceding left, right and centre!! But gradually after sheer hours of practice and tuition, and also adjusting the sliders (finally what a great addition from EA!) i think i have perfected the most perfect football game ever….FIFA 12 is an absolute joy….defending is truly now an art, the impact engine i find no problems with, the fluidity of the gameplay is astounding, culminating in last night the scoreline of Swansea 2 Manchester City 1….it played just like a PL game, Man City had the majority of posession, i defended like a lion, had lucky escapes and took my chances when needed….i can’t explain the feeling when the whistle went! This game is astounding! I now feel comfortable with it to begin my Leeds United career mode, and take my beloved Whites back where they belong! EA deserve the acclaim for making this game streets ahead of PES, manipulating the sliders can adjust the depth of AI to the game! Many happy hours will be spent with this game..the best yet!!!!

  • mak

    fifa 12 is broken ! it stopped loading on ut online matches and froze now cant even play an exhibition match it just freezes

  • robo

    what a game!! improved in every aspect, i can comfortably say its the best one yet… “happy gaming people” PeAcE OuT

  • anthonyOA

    great great game. imo best of all time. once people stop moaning and try to learn the art of actual defending then everyone will see this.

    EA’s servers are a joke though. seriously.

  • sam smith

    when playin career mode u can not ghange stadiums and fifa11 you could any body no why.

  • sam smith

    good game tho.

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