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FIFA 12 UT Holiday Gifts

They’re certainly getting in to the Christmas spirit at EA SPORTS towers as you’ll be able to get your hands on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team free gifts from today all the way through to January 3rd in a move that’s sure to spread festive cheer.

The FUT free gifts are available now and Santa’s gift to me was a Mini Gold Pack and no other than Leighton Baines. I’m pretty sure that puts me on the naughty list…

To claim your packs all you need to do is log in to the FIFA Ultimate TEam Web App and anything from coins, packs and bid tokens could be yours.

Now all you need to do is remember to login when drunk, good luck.

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  • J-O-S-H-I-D-E-R

    had a mini silver pack. nothing special. just wondering here what is the highest player you can get in these special gifts in a gold pack?

  • Ed

    Mini Silver Pack.

    Best thing was this kit…. http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/3090/nachomekit1011mini.png

  • erdal ozan ├želik

    i had a 5 pack and it’s only gave me a javier pastore

  • Mike

    Mini Bronze pack. kind of a dissapointment

  • Snuffy

    I received 2,500 coins.

  • JSteadman

    Got 500 coins today, not bad. Still I can’t actually play UT atm because of the d/c bug, hope its fixed soon :(

  • mariodmp

    1000 coins here..

  • Adam Hornbuckle

    500 coins. Not bad.

  • BC87X

    2.5K and then 500 today 3K not bad for a gifts.

  • mariodmp

    any hints on how to get lots of money on UT? I’m constantly seeing youtube videos with people having like 500k or 600k on their UT, I’ve never had more than 20k so, just wondering how can they get that much coins (without having to pay for them)

  • Sam Robinson

    bid tokens two days in a row. #disappointed

  • TheMultiAustrianer

    In which menu of FIFA Ultimate Team Web App, you can pick up the gifts?

  • callum Jones

    first a mini bronze pack then bid frigging tokens

  • marsamgod

    I had Darren Bent, sadly he’s out shopping

  • Doma-Luxy

    Hi, I am new here and I have seen the holliday gifts .I play fifa 12 on PS3 and how can i download the gift on the PS3 system. Thanks

  • Tom Mills

    @doma-luxy you need to log into the web app to collect free gifts when they run them.

  • Rodney Mabe

    Today’s the 3rd but I didn’t see any gift today??? Also, it would have been nice to know about the rare player packs inside the game itself. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to the web app from now on :(