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FIFA 13: 1UP Interview

After last weeks FIFA 13 blowout things went quiet again pretty quickly, but Scott Weber from has had the chance to sit down with Nick Channon, Aaron McHardy and David Rutter to discuss the new features of FIFA 13 and find out which they’re personally most excited about.

Nick Channon: 1st Touch Control. I think ultimately it’s the one that changes our game fundamentally again, like Tactical Defending. The way it’s playing out, I’m really excited about where it’s going to go, and give that sense of realism in our game. It creates more of a balance again and we talked a lot about that because it’s so important.

Aaron McHardy: I feel like the 1st Touch Control is as big a change as tactical defending and it’s a game changer and makes you think differently, those principles apply to trapping. It just feels now playing it, “well that was missing before.” When you play 12 it was definitely missing.

David Rutter: I think the first big a-ha moment was the work that the guys did on Attacking Intelligence. The first time we were playing and it was unbalanced because we just put it in, but the box was literally flooded with attacking support. That to me was a kind of like, “right, we’ve got it,” just need to tone it back — and we have done now — but the fact that when you’re attacking you’ve got so much more support, you’ve got options where you wouldn’t have had before.

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  • Nick Harrington

    I agree with CP89, although it’s slightly worrying they haven’t really pushed def AI into the limelight, balancing has never really been a massive problem for FIFA games, so I expect them to do what needs to be done to not make a mess of it in that respect.

    I don’t think anyone’s judging it though, most likely just playing devil’s advocate like most people are at this stage.

    My main concern is EA’s favourite pastime – ‘Toning back’. Some things do need it for the sake of that balance, but so many new features have been unnecessarily reined in for the sake of not upsetting the casual fan base.

    If tactical defending showed us anything, it’s that big changes for the better can be implemented and adapted to by any of the gamer groups…eventually.

  • CP89


    By passes I mean 1s touch control which can change alot the way you pass, and how the players intercept a pass.

    The ball won’t be glued to the players feet. Which I hope will be true, cause it will change how the game plays.

  • theirfan38

    ahh oki!!
    I was almost sure of that but wanted your confirmation!!

  • David

    I just hope EA doesnt balance the game in an artificial way. Meaning that if the defensive AI is really poor that they will make defenders faster or create random scenarios like the ball taking a strange bounce thus giving defenders time to recove all to “balance” the overall attack/defence factor. I hope the guys at EA can balance the game in a natural way, by making defending players more intelligent and football savy and not have resort to artificial means to “make-up” for weaknesses. Making up for weaknesses through artificial manipulations would throw off all the realism in attack all for the sake of balance. Having said that I still predict FIFA 13 will be a significantly better title than FIFA 12.

  • FifaSadFace

    “That to me was a kind of like, “right, we’ve got it,” just need to tone it back” , meaning you can’t take these developers seriously when they never admit to their terrible A.I, they always say this, ” ha finally we got it right, Really??!!” this is called dirty marketing, admit guilt after sales.
    keep the promise alive, dare they admit to their mistakes at launch or weeks from, they can’t.

  • Paul

    Well, that was in depth :|

    Sounds like the “Right, we’ve got it.” was more stumbling upon it almost accidentally whilst fannying around with the code more than anything else.

    Isn’t it odd that they released the EURO with no gameplay adjustments because they said the gameplay was “perfect.” So why ever buy another game? :D :|

    It’s about this time of year they go “FIFA12 was so terrible compared to what we have now.” Fast forward 12 months and they’ll be saying the same about this. The FIFA merry-go-round of hype and disappointment. :D

  • roger

    I’m a high pressure loser, great that EA had not sorted out the stamina coding in fifa 13 or even mentioned it on their list of things sorted ….sweet for me! thanx EA you’re the best! (scarcasm at it’s best)