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FIFA 13 Career Mode – Europe 1st Season

That’s right folks in FIFA 13′s Career Mode your club can now take part in 1st season European football.

This is the bit EA asked us to hold back due to a few niggling issues but now we can tell you exactly how it works…

  • In the Career Mode setup menu you can now select “Europe 1st Season”
  • This takes you through to the cup draw which at first is populated with random teams.
  • You then get the option to draw again from “seeded teams” which will give you a tournament setup closer to the real deal.
  • After that you can also manually swap teams with others from the same league if you wish.

It may sound like a small thing but for Career Modes realism and that all important first impression it’s a massive hurdle that EA have managed to overcome this year and one which the community have asked for since the mode was re-launched with FIFA 10. It’s also important to note that Career Mode’s European football is not¬†licensed¬†officially.

Here’s the part of our interview with Lead Producer Santiago Jaramillo that we also cut at EA’s request, where he explains Career Modes Europe 1st Season options in a little more detail. Have a listen then hit the comments.

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  • Mike Salmon


    I agree different play styles are needed to make CM a truly great mode, it’s pretty frustrating playing cup games against league 2 teams, passing around like Brazil.
    I generally turn the difficulty up to legendary against top teams, makes me play differently, more defensive, & turn level down to pro if games are supposed to be really easy, cup games against lower teams etc….
    It’s not ideal, but I find it improved my experience while playing CM.

  • bimo santos


    Agree, iv always thought of it as lazy difficulty settings, for me playing Barca on semi pro should still be relatively hard, where as playing a league 2 side on world class should still be relatively easy.

    Sorry for double post

  • Emile heskey

    Actually so pissed off I was expecting something big, and this is the announcement fuck that.

  • Pontusx

    I guess it won’t be any news until Gamescom?

  • lelly

    Master League has always been better than Career Mode, wait for Gamescom, should be some more news on Master League, they make really good use of the Champions League in PES 2012, should be good in PES 2013, Fifa 13 should make the Premier League celebrations Special, do they have the license for the FA cup? If they do they should make the matches/competition feel different in terms off atmosphere, it may be a while before they get teams playing different styles so making a different cup have a different feel would be a nice.

  • KB

    When do they release the stadiums?

  • David Humber

    ^^ The problem with Champions League in PES is it’s night matches and PES night matches are truly awful so much so even the most hardened PES fans think it looks and plays awful. Supposedly night matches are getting fixed before release but i dont think they will bother as this year they seem very lazy.

  • Thomas

    Sounds great, this will add a lot to career mode IMO. shaping up to be another great year for

  • Marcelo

    Will apoel nicosia be ROW teams??

  • Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

    For me night match in PES is fine. That what real life stadium look like, especially the one that has powerful floodlights. Everything will look brighter and illuminated. Just need to tone down that ‘hazy’ look a little bit. Maybe those people who are complaining find it awful because they’re comparing it with daytime lighting, which surprisingly look awesome and even by Konami standard.

    Back to FIFA, EA need to fix their lighting for rainy and snowy match. Currently it look very dark, it looks like the stadia has no floodlight installed. It remain to be seen whether the developer has fix this or not. This is legit complain taken from EA forum.

  • neopheX

    Finally managed to block all these stupid support ads and search crap on this site!!! Looks so much better now!! How it should look! NICE AND CLEAN and AD FREE!

  • Placebo

    “I believe the AI in previous Euro/World Cup games had different tactics depending on if they way playing home or away during the qualification stages.”

    It was implemented in a terrible way, especially the weaker teams, they’re drop 9 men back into the box, leaving only one up front, they’d get the ball, hammer a perfect pass to their lone forward who would be miraculously clean through on goal, terribly faked, forced AI, I’ll pass thanks!

    AI in Fifa12 isn’t perfect but with my sliders on legendary it works well, the matches against the top teams are really tough, against lesser teams not so tough.

  • Tom Mills

    @bimo santos was that a new acct? it could be that the first post from an acct needs approving but fear not. This horrible system will be a thing of the past soon.

  • Tom Mills

    @pompeyfcplayer Totally agree. I wish they could get it right.

  • Tom Mills

    @BC87X We’re expecting it to be focussed on online and the FUT app stuff, but you never know. We don’t have any more CM info at the moment.

  • Tom Mills

    @David thanks. Glad you like them. We’ll hopefully have time to discuss that and some of the site changes. Should be recording tuesday night after the EA press conference.

  • Tom Mills

    @neopheX those ads etc help keep the site here. So thanks.

  • Tom Mills

    @Placebo Can you post your sliders when you get a chance? Would like to try them out.

  • John Terry – Legend

    Pes mater league will never be as good as career mode due do a severe lack of leagues/teams and players. Having tried master league last year for the first time in many years it was like stepping back in time to Pes 3.

    Like many Japanses devs Konami have really struggled this gen and pes has suffered the most epesicially if you look at their castlevania game or even konami bassball which puts pes to shame.

  • Scouser

    Things id like to see in CM are: 1- Managers are responsible about scouting players.(going outside, watch the players’ games and have a they are doing.
    2-To have training sessions!!!!!!! Id die to see that in CM. Doing some sessions with the players and stuff.