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FIFA 13 – Career Mode Transfers

Timed nicely to coincide with the closing of the transfer window EA Sports have released a video of Career Mode Producer Santiago Jaramillo talking about the new transfer features in CM.

You get a proper look at the Chief Executive comments and the changes to transfer screens as well as some explanation about the new CPU AI features.

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If you’re excited for Career Mode check out the rest of our coverage including our previews and interview with Santi, using this handy tag.

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  • jblack007 (xbox360)

    yes Tom answered, Tom answered

    Do you mean provided he is a nationality of the country I manage? cos I am talking like me calling up a 17 year old and give him an international career debut

  • Daniel

    Can anyone tell me if Rangers will be in this years game. I would love to do a Career mode and get them into the SPL

  • Tom Mills

    @jblack you need to be managing the right team though.

  • Rich

    Gameplay looks a bit quick. I prefer a slower build up game, I imagine there will be options to change this??

  • jblack007 (xbox360)

    Tom is the best! Thanks for answering,. Now can we just fast forward to Sept 26

  • harry

    What is a counter offer?

  • Steve

    @ Harry
    If a team offers you money for a player, you can now counter the offer and ask for more money or try throw a player into the deal.

  • Jesus

    I have found a copy of FIFA 13 IN NEPAL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anthony

    @daniel no , rangers will not be in this game but i heard they are putting in the spl and the 1st division into the game
    it was there fault not to be there anyway

  • PDiddy4

    is it possible to start on the bench for a team when playing player career mode or will the team always start you?

  • Jmendez

    may I receive a national team offer that is not included in the game like Serbia, Canada, Bolivia, etc???????

  • Sam

    @Jmendez probably not

  • liamosullivan13

    can u swap two players for one in a trade deal ????????????

  • Phil Marshall

    when you accept offers you press back and it hasnt worked why?

  • Bob

    Can you turn off the transfers in career mode???

  • mushybit

    when i try to buy players it says it is not transfer season, so when is it?


  • Fifacareer

    can i ask a team to join them?

  • Some guy

    Can i ask a team to join them?

  • baggingmaddo

    Having trouble selling players in the transfer windows even when they have requested to go on the list. Hazard , essien and caulker for example is there a reason